Berlin: formula 1 in the Not-speed - Europe-calendar of Germany

Within five months, want to choose the formula 1 the world champion of the Corona-the year 2020 in a rush, the stages of the Europe Tour now. The king class o

Berlin: formula 1 in the Not-speed - Europe-calendar of Germany

Within five months, want to choose the formula 1 the world champion of the Corona-the year 2020 in a rush, the stages of the Europe Tour now.

The king class of motor racing has published the Emergency calendar for at least the first eight races on the old continent - and to Hockenheim for the time being, a bow. As to the approval by the Austrian Ministry of health is expected to, starts the record mission of Lewis Hamilton on a Grand Prix double-pack in front of the spirit setting on the 5. and 12. July in Spielberg at the Red Bull Ring.

"In the past weeks we have been working tirelessly with all our partners, the Fia and the Teams to create a calendar for the the beginning, which allows us to start under conditions that are as safe as possible," said CEO Chase Carey in the message. In addition to the formula 1, also formula 2 with Mick Schumacher will go to the new calendar at the Start.

a Total of want to bring the formula 1 maker, 15 to 18 races this year, the stage - 22, it had been in the original calendar and, therefore, as many as never before in the history of formula 1. Germany remains, according to current planning, first out, as a possible replacement of the Hockenheim ring will be traded more. Eight races must be according to the regulations, at least, to be able to at the end of a world champion. In the case of less than 15 races, the TV would be reduced revenue.

Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz spoke of a "unique challenge in the history of formula 1". The billionaire from Austria has promised, the two week-ends in the Spielberg would send a "strong Signal of feasibility to the whole world".

The formula 1 community reacted with messages of anticipation of the restart plans. World Federation chief Jean Todt congratulated "all who have made this possible". Red-Bull-Pilot Max Verstappen wrote on Twitter, he is counting down the days. The Mercedes Team referred to the kick-off with a home game for the Austrian team boss Toto Wolff.

Should be a Superstar Hamilton in the silver arrow again at the end as a Champion, you would set the 35-year-old Briton the long for the unattainable is held of record by Michael Schumacher (51) with seven titles. In order to win this year, with the German to catch up, should Hamilton win seven races. Theoretically, this can be already the end of August on the European tour so far.

After the kick-off in Styria, it comes on the 19. July at the Hungaroring in Budapest for the third race in three consecutive weekends, before Hamilton at the 2. and 9. August, starting in his British home. For the formula 1 entourage, the government of the Kingdom of media reports of an exception and from the looks of the two-week self-isolation at the port of entry.

From Silverstone to be brought pilots and Material immediately at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona. 16. August is made up of the Grand Prix of Spain and the second three-pack finishes.

as well As in the actual record-calendar, planned, on 30. August in the Belgian Spa-Francorchamps driven, at 6. September, it remains at Ferrari's home race in Monza. The management plan for the time being, with a spirit of race. Carey hopes, however, that even spectators will again be admitted, as soon as the situation is safe again.

For the Scuderia in Italy, will host the game, according to statistics, the 999. Grand Prix-participation in the formula 1 history. Where Ferrari 1000. is complete, is not yet fixed, it could be Baku in Azerbaijan. For Sebastian Vettel a win before that in the Royal Park might do, where he celebrated in 2008 in the Toro Rosso, the first of his previous 53 career episode, the farewell to Ferrari after the season, a little more conciliatory - even if he has to probably do without the euphoric Tifosi.

How to Monza in Overseas, is still to be determined. However, it is assumed, among other things, that in November, the Premiere in Hanoi, will be rescheduled. Media reported recently that the Great price of Vietnam should only be for native viewers are available. The Grand Prix of Brazil in Sao Paulo, where the pandemic is raging, especially, should take place according to the latest data by the organiser in November with viewers without any further restrictions. Doubt that these plans remain.

the formula 1 after a month-long forced break, in the in the works instead of engines and Chassis in part, devices to assist in the fight against the Coronavirus have been made, re-start is allowed, is also presented safety and hygiene concept. After the kick-off on 15. March in Melbourne shortly before the first practice due to a Corona-If the McLaren Team had been cancelled, may now, for the time being, only a maximum of 80 employees per Team on the track to come.

Each team is housed in a separate Hotel. The usual Motorhomes, which are built mainly on the European routes, not to give it. Prior to the entry of the driver and the rest of the staff on the Sars, must-CoV 2 test. "We must create an environment, which is itself a little bubble of Isolation," had the formula 1-Director Ross Brawn explained.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2020, 18:26

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