Behind the flashy facade, the reason why Sané for Bayern is so exciting is

On 4. June 2018 rubbed some football Fans in Germany surprised to the eyes. Leroy Sané, was previously distinguished as the best U23 player in the Premier Leagu

Behind the flashy facade, the reason why Sané for Bayern is so exciting is

On 4. June 2018 rubbed some football Fans in Germany surprised to the eyes. Leroy Sané, was previously distinguished as the best U23 player in the Premier League, was absent in the squad of national coach Joachim Löw for the world Cup in Russia.

"Leroy is a great Talent and will be in the future again. In the case of the national team, he was in the Games perhaps still not quite arrived," said Löw of his decision. Instead, the coach opted for Julian Brandt, who had "worked well in the training camp well". Sané had in Training and in the test matches seems to be little shown.

imago/action pictures Joachim Löw looks on Leon Goretzka and Leroy Sané.

the DFB-mate Toni Kroos said that he had not at Sané "from the body language sometimes feel, win or lose is not so bad". The DFB-Ausbootung was for Sané is the biggest setback of his young career. However, instead of publicly verbal against Löw to occur, such as, for example, Sandro Wagner, the resignation, announced after its deletion equal to his national team, remained Sané quiet.

Sané of Guardiola out of the squad

Also of club coach Pep Guardiola deleted, there was criticism. In September 2018 the dash of the Coach of Manchester City Sané is out of the squad for the League game against Newcastle United. The reason, according to the English media's lack of training reports have been benefits. "In the last season he was an important player for us and we hope that he will also in this season," said Guardiola.

"imago" images/sports image Sané (R) returns Pep Guardiola the back

the reaction of The then 22-Year-old was impressive. "Jogi Löw and Pep Guardiola both know exactly what you with me have to deal with. I love challenges, especially with Pep Guardiola. To get criticism from such great trainers, I am delighted about that a little bit," said the Sané to Sport1. To push instead of frustration after setbacks and criticism and to doubt themselves, uses Sané this as a Motivation.

Sané: The father, the footballer, the mother of gymnast

He remains calm and focused, which falls generally in his appearances in the Public. His clothing style may be eccentric, but when he speaks publicly, he seems always calm, thoughtful and down-to-earth. Thus, he exudes a certain self-confidence. This Serenity is reflected in his body language on the court, which is interpreted by some critics, perhaps, than listlessness.

FIRO/FIRO/, SID/ Leroy Sanes move to Bayern is more likely to possess

Who such football skills, can also be self-aware. Sané know that he is an exceptional talent. Strong technique, a dangerous conclusion, a good Overview and, above all, a superior athleticism. The native of watt-separator also has the right genes. The mother came across as a gymnast in the world, the father himself was as a professional footballer at SV Wattenscheid active.

Trainer from the Sané-father: "Leroy is not normal"

However, Sané, is characterized also by its personality. Of former companions and supporters to report at least. "If Leroy comes with a eye-catching jacket for the national team, they think: 'What in the world is this maniac?' However, he is not that at all. He is normal, nice, and he can assess things properly," said Hannes Bongartz, who once coached Sanés father in Wattenscheid, in the case of Sky. imago images/Sven Simon New Star of FC Bayern: The German national player Leroy Sané

at a young age, his former school teacher, Sebastian Meier, was how seriously Sané took the football. "He was always in a good mood, otherwise it was a very modest Young man was focused in the Sport always."

thanks in part to this concentration, and inner Serenity has developed Sané to a player who was in the FC Bayern 50 million euros transfer fee value. There, too, the pressure will be great, also there will be setbacks. However, Sané has already proven at a young age, that he can deal with.

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