Bavaria's record Transfer only to the Bank, but a Hernandez sale would be a fatal Signal

It is not often that a Top club paid so much money for a player, and just a few months later, it is speculated that he may leave it again. In the case of Lucas

Bavaria's record Transfer only to the Bank, but a Hernandez sale would be a fatal Signal

It is not often that a Top club paid so much money for a player, and just a few months later, it is speculated that he may leave it again. In the case of Lucas Hernández's exactly what happened. The 24-Year-old came in with a severe injury to his medial ligament in the knee to Munich, which is why he was only in August, and the complete preparation missed.

His first nine bets indicated close to where the journey for the world champion can go, if he develops at the Säbener Straße accordingly. In particular, pace, Two warfare and its anticipation stood out. In the fragile System of Niko Kovac managed to Hernández immediately to bring stability in the Defensive – a not to be underestimated. Particularly striking: His ability, in the right moment to step out of the back four out, and that's how dangerous counterattack or passes in the top-of-intercept.

bad luck with injuries prevented a dream start in Munich

To his bad luck followed in October, but the next serious injury – this time the interior band in the ankle joint. Hernández was missing his team up in the January and had to watch as Jerome Boateng and David Alaba played in the interior defense, while on his fallback position at left-back Alphonso Davies flourished. Under new coach Hansi Flick, the new arrival was only 451 minutes – 15 squad nominations are distributed to only 30 minutes per game. Reuters/Tom Weller/dpabild Lucas Hernandez is at FC Bayern, only Reservist.

It was able to convince Hernandez to the resumption of operation at the end of may quite again. Against Fortuna Düsseldorf, he was one half of the best Bayern players on the court, and dribbled again and again from behind, dangerous, won important battles and was actively involved in the game of the master. Again, it was his body that refused to grant him more. He remained in the cabin, this time without serious consequences.

It can be said that the young cooperation between the player and the club would justify such a high transfer fee. And yet it would be an Overreaction, if Bayern would make Hernández after just one unhappy season. Even then, if you could take the alleged 80 million euros.

several arguments are equally crucial. First of all, the allegation is that the back four would currently offer no place for him. In addition, another contender returns with Niklas Süle on a regular place, which in turn can play on the right side in defence. Hernandez was able to show its Strengths on this Position, never. If he was used from the Flick, it was less noticeable than on the half left Position. This could be related to the fact that Hernández does not have to choose with his left foot, others in Pass - and-run angle, because he is right so strongly.

Hernández must be the competition

Finally, make the means that the natural replacement for Boateng will be in the coming season, rather Süle, if Flick is considering any changes to the system with a three-chain That Hernández Alaba and Davies comes over, seems to be currently unlikely. With Tanguy Kouassi is another Talent for the defence of Paris. Although this is not confirmed for a long time, it would exacerbate the Situation even further. imago images/Sven Simon Hansi Flick, with Lucas Hernandez

Still, anyone Who argues with a supposedly big competitive situation, thinks maybe a little too short. As long as Boateng can be, the current Level still hold, is in the stars. Even if he flourishes currently, he's on the final straight of his Bayern career. That Süle after two cruciate ligament tears as well comes strong again, how he presented himself prior to his injury, is also speculative. Not a few players had to say after two cruciate ligament tears, that her performance suffered level. Also Javi Martinez who can play this Position perfectly, and will be leaving Munich sooner rather than later.

In such a Worst-Case scenario remained the Bavaria Benjamin Pavard, Alaba and Hernandez at the Top level. All the other players that would qualify for the Position in question, are, at best, regarded as a bet on the future. Alaba or Davies, hurt, alone, it would be quickly closely. A hasty sale of Hernández could tear a gap, which would only be difficult to close. Although there is no guarantee that his injury history is now history, but his Talent is worth it, to speculate on it and to keep the squad at the same time on this Position as widely as possible.

The competition, he must accept the fight then, like all other players. A club like FC Bayern needs a clear hierarchical structure, but he can't rely on 11 players alone. Players such as Hernández can also be sitting on the bench is normal. He can show up with the appropriate Fitness his Talent but over a longer period of time, remains Flick no other choice but to give him time. Quality is finally getting through, and Hernández has a lot of.

A sale would be pure activism

But there is a much more decisive Argument in favour of a sale would have been the wrong choice. The Bavarians have made with Hernández for the first time, a Transfer that came close to the 100-million-Euro threshold. So you take a risk, you are a long time spared to have. That Hernández can pay back this trust, he has already indicated. And even if it was only at this hint, the Munich would send a fatal Signal, if you were to sell him now already. Also to future players in this price class.

It would not be about the admission of a mistake, but pure activism, with which you would throw out all Beliefs about the pile, which led to the fact that Bayern have paid a previously extraordinary total. It would be especially unusual for a club, the players always attracts with the promise to provide you with a unique family atmosphere within the club, which fields you also have in hard times.

Lucas Hernández was certainly a difficult year. But he's not going to leave FC Bayern because of that. That the newly crowned German Champions will open this site in addition, from the beginning was unlikely. Hernández should not be able to show in the second year, and that is what he was brought in, could take the discussion a different sharpness. But that one is convinced of its quality, not confirmed last Hasan Salihamidzic last weekend: "I'm sure he is for our team is still very valuable." Brandt explains what has been learned BVB from Bayern - and what is not SID Brandt explains what has been learned BVB from Bayern - and what's not


Updated Date: 22 June 2020, 16:27

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