BVB versus FC Bayern: Kimmich reveals how he was able to achieve his dream goal | football

BVB versus FC Bayern: Joshua Kimmich explains why he was able to achieve his dream goal. Lucien Favre makes a statement sit up and take notice. The voices of th

BVB versus FC Bayern: Kimmich reveals how he was able to achieve his dream goal | football

BVB versus FC Bayern: Joshua Kimmich explains why he was able to achieve his dream goal. Lucien Favre makes a statement sit up and take notice. The voices of the game.

The FC Bayern* has won the top match of the Bundesliga* at Borussia Dortmund thanks to a magnificent goal from Joshua Kimmich FC Bayern 1:0 (1:0) won As of the record master in the table, seven points ahead of

Munich - The top game in the Bundesliga has found a winner. FC Bayern on 28. Round at Borussia Dortmund narrowly with 1:0 (1:0) through. Hero of the Evening Joshua Kimmich , with his remarkable hit was scored the Golden goal.

By the success of the German record-master* in the table, now seven points ahead of BVB . With six outstanding games, the Team of the Hansi Flick* has made a big step in the direction of the championship.

Flick consoled, nevertheless, coach colleague Lucien Favre* was angry after the game. Match-winner Kimmich was in the mood for jokes, however - the voices of the game by Sky:

Joshua Kimmich (FC Bayern München) on...

... the importance of the victory: "I've personally been looking forward to this extremely. But as I did so looking around, I wondered if everyone knew how important of the three was.“

... the game: "It was relatively balanced. We have made in the first half of a lot of simple errors. BVB has played pretty well out the back, which has surprised us. There already has to do that no spectators were in the stadium"

... his dream goal: "We were informed before the game that Bürki is always quite high. In the last week I shot three times because it didn't work out. That's why I tried it this way. “

mileage (13.7 km, n. d. Red.): "With the Fans in the back, it's been..."

Manuel Neuer (captain, FC Bayern Munich) on...

... about 400. League game: "a Great number, but am glad about the victory."

... his friends about the victory: "it Was a very important game for us, regardless of the table situation. Against BVB, it is always motivated to the hair ends.“

... the sovereignty: "In the second half, there were already one or the other Situation, where we the air had to stop, because we 0 had 1:no real padding. Such a result is always dangerous. But we have to let one or the other option is also to lie, or to not play well at the end.“

Hansi Flick (coach Bayern Munich) on ...

... the championship: "I've often said that I am not a person who lives too much in the future. The Here and Now is crucial. We have made a big step. The team was very, very focused and wide awake. She was in a One-on-one, brave and has sought the conclusion.“

... and specific weaknesses: "Against Frankfurt, we have not defended the standard situation. We wanted to make today. We have achieved that. It is important that all are concentrated - whether it is in Training or in the game. So I am currently very satisfied.“

... the wonder goal from Joshua Kimmich: "pleased that he has listened well. He can use his qualities as a holding midfielder well. He can talk on the square a lot. As he is playable, he locks the opponents, is good. I see a very good development. He is a player that you, as a coach in each game and every Training session very, very satisfied. He always gives 100 percent.“

Michael Zorc (Manager, Borussia Dortmund) before the game over...

... the importance of the game: "are We the only major country that is allowed to play. We had x tests, all negative, as is the case with most Teams. The hygiene concept of the DFL attack.“

... the title of the dream: "We have to win if we want to have a say in the championship yet. We have the skills to do so. In the first leg, will be mercilessly put under were.“

Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund) on...

... the reasons for the defeat:

"We have not a bad game hung. At the end of a brilliant LOB from Josh decides the thing. Sometimes these games are decided of brilliant moments - and that was the case today.“

... the championship: "Now we just need Bayern to decide whether they will master. We know you are, but we have to hope for now is three slip by them. We now look on us.“

... what has been missing to beat Bayern today: "We were playful in the first half. The last Pass has been missing too often, even if it is now a cliché. If we had the Chance, we were not in the final is good enough. But it was certainly not a bad game from us. But you have to admit that it's easy to Tick off.“

Emre Can (Borussia Dortmund) on...

... to play his disappointment, that he sat first on the Banks: "I was hoping, shall we say. The coach has so decided, you have to accept that. Now it's gone stupid. If we would have won.“

... possible lack of mentality: "We have the mentality to win such a game. We have not made a bad game, we were clean enough. We wanted to win 100 percent here.“

... the championship: "We have to be realistic, Bayern is now seven points ahead. If nothing more happens, Bayern master“

Lucien Favre (Borussia Dortmund's coach) about...

... the action of Boateng: "It was a clear penalty. Boateng takes a clear elbow to help.

... the performance of his team: "We played very well, but the final Pass has been lacking. We would have at least earned a point. Seven points behind with six to Play, which is brutally hard. We played better today than against Wolfsburg, against Schalke.“

... the goal of Kimmich: "All were surprised that Kimmich shoots like that. That was really great.“

... his ability to lead BVB to the championship: "I say nothing now. I'm talking about in a couple of weeks.“


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Date Of Update: 26 May 2020, 21:35