BVB are Transfer-puzzles: In the area of Dortmund fails year after year

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BVB are Transfer-puzzles: In the area of Dortmund fails year after year

Only on Sky: The Top game on Saturday to see LIVE (display)

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Dortmund | Hertha BSC LIVE

After the two Bundesliga titles in 2011 and 2012, waiting for Borussia Dortmund, in the meantime, seven long years on mostly shell. FC Bayern marched in, as a rule, without much opposition from title to title.

So this year. Five game days before the end of the season, the projection of the Munich to Dortmund is seven points - the title should be awarded again.

BVB is the Top destination for talent

From a BVB point of view, this is more than annoying, because Borussia has commit in the past few years, international Top talent and to build you Superstars can. That Youngsters have a Top international Format very much like to spend her first professional years in Dortmund, is obvious. In the Ruhr area, you usually get to Champions League level a Chance to develop and to be able to so the next step is achieved.

The scouting Department of the BVB, and BVB sporting Director Michael Zorc have to convince the outstanding ability of young Top talents of a move to Dortmund. Also, the Borussia is doing a excellent Job in the development of these young players, who are often carriers very quickly to absolute power. Dembélé could. Dortmund, a record transfer fee to bring

So, today the 20-year-old Jadon Sancho moved on in the summer of 2017 to BVB He is now regarded as a Top 3 Bundesliga players, is sought after with 17 goals and 17 Assists, the best Scorer of the whole League and in Europe hot. Ousmane Dembélé came in the season 2016/2017 within a year to a League-exceptional players, and was the crucial player in the Cup triumph in 2017.

The list of the Top talents in the Dortmund can endlessly continue - about Christian Pulisic to Giovanni Reyna and Erling Haaland, the play in the current team, a great role.

BVB: A contrast to the FC Bayern

But why the ball more in the last few years, just based on the Bavaria? In contrast to the FC Bayern Munich Dortmund is forced by financial reasons to sell to service providers. While Munich have a significantly greater continuity in the squad, must be the BVB more and more on the transfer market to replace the retirements. dpa/Federico Gambarini/dpa-Pool/Reuters The Bayern players celebrate in Dortmund, the match-winner Joshua Kimmich (M).

in recent years, there has been a good mix of young talents and professionals been looking for. And here's one of the problems is. While the Youngsters take often, are Zorc and BVB with the commitment of seasoned actors very often next to it.

A look at the past four years illustrates this: André Schürrle, Mario Götze, Andrey Yarmolenko, Maximilian Philipp, Ömer Toprak, Abdou Diallo, Thomas Delaney, Nico Schulz and Paco Alcacer cost over 200 million euros.

Of these players will be wearing after the current season is probably the only Thomas Delaney, the BVB Jersey. All these actors are unified in that they took no time in Dortmund, consistently good performance, or permanently root players.

BVB: Much money for little output

Dortmunder invested in the squad the last few seasons a lot of money for a player that had never really consistently large role in Dortmund, and on the other hand, relatively promptly re-issued.

in a fair way of failure, not all such Transfers of Borussia. So have been able to convince in the recent past, players such as Axel Witsel, Julian Brandt and Mats Hummels. However, Witsel breaks down just after a strong first season is currently, Brandt is also the Talent assigned to the group. imago sports, photo service, Robert Lewandowski and Mats Hummels in December 2010.

A glance at the successful years under Jürgen Klopp underlines this Thesis. So the majority of the former service providers - such as Mats Hummels, Robert Lewandowski and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang - was obliged, as a Youngsters and "Nobodies“ then in Dortmund Superstars of gravity.

Jadon Sancho, according to the "" a current market value of 117 million euros. Also it will sell the Borussia at the latest next summer. And that is exactly what, again, is a great strength of Michael Zorc. Whether it's Top talent such as Dembele or role-players, such as Philipp or Diallo. The sports Director sold most of the players often significantly above the shopping.

According to the anticipated disposal of Schulz, Götze and co. must look to the BVB in the transfer market for new players. In Jude Bellingham is supposed to be a Europe-wide sought-after Youngster with the BVB once more in agreement. The recently reported the "Bild"newspaper. But it is what is in the near future with the Bundesliga title, the Dortmund also responsible for the established professionals and a happier knack. The Top games on Saturday, EXCLUSIVELY on Sky (display)

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