BMW-Pilot Tight back-analyzed case 2019: So you're all stupid

BMW driver Philip was Closely 2019 with his premiere victory in Zolder and the early lead in the DTM standings, one of the newcomer of the year, but mid-season

BMW-Pilot Tight back-analyzed case 2019: So you're all stupid

BMW driver Philip was Closely 2019 with his premiere victory in Zolder and the early lead in the DTM standings, one of the newcomer of the year, but mid-season it went to the Austrians, downhill, what is the average of only 3.6 points proves per race in the second half of the season. Reason enough for the 30-Year-old, to analyse the back of the case through the Winter carefully.

As the problem zone of the RBM-BMW has identified-Pilot in addition to the General BMW problems in the previous year, among other things, the exchange with his engineers, so Closely in conversation with '' "Everything and falls with communication."

What does he mean exactly? "You have to address the problems absolutely, but in a way that my engineer is not over - and not under-react," explains Salzburg, which explains his knowledge on the basis of an example.

problems in 2019: "the Right of communication would have is helped,"

"If my car is pushed in the Box and I say it was undrivable, then all the mechanics look immediately on the left side of the Garage, where the engineer. So according to the Motto: 'What is the matter with you?' So you're all stupid. I would say never, but I have a Problem a little differently, or something quiet to describe. Then the would have had a different impact."

At the season opener in Hockenheim, as Closely without a lot of experience with the new Turbo M4 is an impressive Pole time, went, had gone, the vehicle balance "even more in my direction," says Eng. "This has turned out but. Proper communication would have because I think I had a lot of influence."

this is Exactly the factor that separates, according to the Closely the wheat from the chaff. "I don't think there's a Champion of a different Champion that you're a Leader and your Team can lead. You have to your demands, what needs to be improved, in a way that generates little attention. And I believe that Rene Rast is extremely good."

communication: the Sim has helped Closely-Racing

for this reason, Tight-2020 want to be at his Feedback constructive. "In the end it is nothing else, as if you and your girlfriend have a discussion or a dispute," says the 29-Year-old. "You can't make a pronounced word undo. That's why communication is so important."

in this Regard, he had in the winter break of intense Sim-Racing has to, important Findings obtained. "Since we were five or six in a small Team and each had several functions. If I'm not riding, I was an engineer, mechanic, girl for everything. That's when I realized how important it is that you ask questions and after a certain period of time persists: 'Was this done? And as we do more there?'"

In a large Team as in the DTM, it could happen, however, "quickly, thinking that everything will be done". Also by the communication of his Sim-Racing colleagues, Laurin Heinrich and Alex Voß, he had learned: "pull your program and are always in dialogue. You make the completely emotionless, and so without much charges."

Closely to "self-critical"?

But as BMW motor sport Director Jens Marquardt to Engs unsparing self-criticism? He advises his protégé to a milder dealing with yourself. "Let us look at how Philip was in the first half of the season on the road," he says in an interview with ''. "So, he gets it with the tires and all very well hung. I think it is important in this mode to get back in, and on the Basis of development."

Too much self-criticism can be counterproductive: "it is Precisely in a self-critical people like Philipp, it is important to highlight what is right and what brings us forward. We do not need the scourge unpack and say that basically everything was wrong, what we did in the second half of the season."

Apart from the fact you have upgraded the theme for the Winter intensive, as the improved Form indicated in the test drives.

What Marquardt back that BMW-ACE, Marco Wittmann in the previous year, problems suffered significantly less under the BMW as Closely? "The two have a different style of riding and also prefer a different Set-up-tendency," he replies.

This article by Sven Haidinger

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