Austria's Ocean-Racer Sisi reached Europe

How Austrians call a boat, if it is to have the most success and you love the project? Clear, or? Sisi, of course, as the much-loved Empress of the former k. u.

Austria's Ocean-Racer Sisi reached Europe

How Austrians call a boat, if it is to have the most success and you love the project? Clear, or? Sisi, of course, as the much-loved Empress of the former k. u. k. monarchy. Sisi is taking place, the first participation for Austria at the Ocean Race – in the autumn of 2021, if the appointment is not moved. The young campaign bears the name of The Austrian Ocean Race project, short TAORP.

What looks like a victory, the joy, heal arrived in Europe to be © Laurens Morel Float magazine

After 18-day Crossing, the ship ran on the 6. May in the Dutch city of Scheveningen. On Board: Oliver Kobale (20) and Micky Montoya (USA, 33) of the TAORP tribe crew, in addition, six in the Caribbean stranded sailors from Austria, the Netherlands and Estonia. "It was not an Option, our Sisi unattended behind," said team member Oliver Kobale. The original price of a VO65 Yacht, such as the "Sisi" is 6.5 million Euro. The risk was simply too great.

The VO65 class, has been specially drawn for the Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15, you took your five feet longer predecessor. Were you in the last race of the world float has reported extensively – the boats of choice. Because of the corona crisis were cancelled in the Caribbean, all races, and ports been closed. The Management of the Austrian Ocean Race Project decided to Sisi again, to Europe and back. Since the end of last week, Sisi is now back in Europe.

In Scheveningen will have to stay the Racer first to August or September. Still, the ship shall not sail because of the current situation back in the home port in Porto Piccolo Trieste. The next regular race for the Sisi autumn start in the Mediterranean sea. And until then, the organizers hope to be able to take the ship back to Italy the transfer.

a Very young Team led by Julian Kircher

The 33-year-old Julian Kircher called the Austrian Ocean Race Project in the early summer of 2019 to the new edition of The Ocean Race. The top sailors from Carinthia has gathered as the organizer of the Austrian Ocean Race campaign, a very young, dedicated Team of Between 20 and 36 years young, the Top sailors and Top-class sailors coming from all different classes – most of them are from Austria.

Sisi returns across the Atlantic back © TAORP Float magazine

The corona crisis hit, the project was well received by the Public so far, enthusiastic, hard – and also financial challenges. "Many of our sponsors had to put the payments temporarily on ice." says the Initiator of the Julian Kircher. "All the races and transfer trips, which we rent part of the reason costs are down for an indefinite period of time."

This is not a reason for the Austrians to put your head in the Sand: "Each crisis also presents opportunities," said Julian Kircher. "We are confident that we will come through these difficult times." The project team of the Austrian Ocean Race Projects, is looking for a main sponsor.

The corona-crisis catch the Sisi Team on St. Maarten

A view of three months: in early February, the Race Team for the regatta season in the Caribbean. After they had successfully completed the RORC Caribbean 600, one of the most challenging Big-Boat regattas in the Caribbean, with room 6, hit the corona crisis, the Sisi Team on St. Maarten – in the midst of the preparations for the scheduled for March BVI Spring Cup.

Then the complicated and long return began the Odyssey that ended only last Friday – with a provisional Happy ending.

what it's Like to be part of the Crew on Board on a Ocean Racer, has summarized our Partner Ümit Uzun of Charterbar Yachting in the Caribbean in an impressive Video. He took part on Board the "Sisi" at the Regatta RORC Caribbean 600. The audience Ümit explains how to create an Ocean Racer works and how it feels it: Exhilarating!

Who wants to be on the "Sisi" as a crewmember, you can log in to Sail with us and support the project.

This article was written by Kerstin Zillmer

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Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 03:27

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