At some point there will be an accident: formula 1 mechanic complaining of exhaustion

the News Ticker for the formula 1 formula 1 calendar in 2020, with the "Eifel Grand Prix", but with no race in America The formula 1 season 2020 is

At some point there will be an accident: formula 1 mechanic complaining of exhaustion
  • News Ticker for the formula 1
  • formula 1 calendar in 2020, with the "Eifel Grand Prix", but with no race in America

The formula 1 season 2020 is for all employees of the Grand Prix circus with a large margin, the toughest of all times. Currently no less than 13 races in 18 weekends are planned, including three to the mechanics hated "Triple-Header". A strain that will leave a mark.

The British newspaper 'The Sun' has taken up the issue last week. If you've been contacted by several employees of the Teams, the much-publicized Story. "I have the feeling to be a part of an experiment. I painted the nose", is quoted an employee who wishes to remain anonymous.

mechanic toil, driver relax

Particularly bad circus came to the "rank and file" of the formula 1, that, for example, mechanics and engineers had to comply with the three Grands Prix in Spielberg and Budapest strict rules. So the mechanics were due to the Coronavirus provisions in Hungary, not even your hotel room to leave, to go short of food or drinks to buy. Motorsport Images Tired mechanic: The mask of duty makes your hard work even harder

at the same time, the mechanic saw on Social Media, such as the men's formula 1 Stars, home what and there between the races luxuriously were able to relax. Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas not remained between Spielberg 1, and Spielberg, 2 in Austria and have been reprimanded for that as well.

mechanic for a week away from home

"I miss my family," says the anonymous employee of one of the formula 1 Teams of the 'Sun'. "And it annoys me that we must keep strictly to the rules, while the driver and the Management to fly home every week. I have to stay in my bubble. Apparently, the state and Status mean that one is against the Virus immune." HIGH TWO/Pool/Williams Racing Mercedes mechanic, the more travel ready to the race to the next Grand Prix in front of

From many of the mechanics of the frustration, speaking about the extreme stress of this extraordinary season. Rights holders of Liberty Media is trying to squeeze as many races as possible in to mid-December ongoing schedule, in order to save revenue as well as it goes. As always, it's about the big money. The "rank and file" remains on track.

"Eventually, there will be an accident,"

after all, what concerns many viewers: While the driver must work only to Media events and the Sessions, the mechanic under continuous load. The race weekend itself, a working day lasts about 16 hours. And if the men's Superstars to rise on Sunday evening in their chartered Jets, you need to break down the mechanics of all the Equipment and to the next Grand Prix will bring.

at some point, says a mechanic, there will be an accident, because of the acute danger is that one of the truck driver falling asleep overtired at the wheel. Ensure that the Teams have seriously: "We have to be clear that this 'Triple Header', particularly later in the season, a real challenge", says Andreas Seidl of McLaren. HIGH TWO/Pool/COLOMBO IMAGES The Ferrari Team at the pit stop

"For me, and I think that it goes almost all the way - is the greatest challenge to be so long away from home. It's not so much about the work at the race track. This is also hard. But the bigger issue is that our employees can not see your women and children for so long."

The first "Triple-Header" was half have been so bad, argues Seidl, because the forces at the beginning of the season are still fresh. But after only a following race-free Sunday to do it more now with twice Silverstone and once in Barcelona, and after only a week's break, Spa, Monza and Mugello in three weeks then follow.

Silverstone: advantage for McLaren

Silverstone, says Seidl, "is not for the British Teams as bad as the other, because we have at least the possibility, as late as possible to arrive, with a brief arrival, and because we can make it in between a break". Only: your "bubble" may be taken the employees of the Teams, strictly in the home country will not leave, if you take the rules of formula 1 seriously.

Seidl takes the Worry out of his team seriously, is asking it but at the same time, solidarity: "in view of the special circumstances in this season of this year is something we need to survive just sort of. At the same time, I would like to say clearly that this should not be our Standard for the next few years," he says. imago images/Hoch zwei, McLaren team boss Andres Seidl

"We try to make the Team's travel and accommodation in the Hotels as pleasant as possible. But everyone understands that 2020 is a special season, with this outbreak of the Coronavirus. It is for the Survival of the team is imperative, that we go to all these races."

Seidl calls for Cohesion

Because the revenue from the races that can take place, not just stay in the right-holder, Liberty Media, but are divided according to a complex key is also among the ten Teams. Some of which is acute from the insolvency threatened. The mechanic must accept the burden, therefore, gritting his teeth, if you want to have in 2021 is still a Job.

"We need to keep together as a Team, if we want to survive this crisis, on the financial side in the best possible way," said Seidl. He knows what he is talking about McLaren, was recently laid off 1,200 employees. 70 of them have worked within the McLaren group, the formula-1 Team.

unlike the mechanics, engineers, journalists, photographers, or employees of the organization, the Job for the driver is Essentially limited to Thursday afternoon to Sunday. "For us, it's not so bad," says Lando Norris. "In comparison to the mechanics and engineers, we work at the very least."

Norris: formula-1-driver helps the mechanics

The McLaren driver gained at the end of the first "Triple Header" a lot of sympathy points when he, instead of watching Netflix and relax, on the Sunday after the Grand Prix of Hungary, the wrench in the Hand took and his mechanic, it supported his car to take apart and pack ready to go.

"We have to look to it that we overwhelm the people," said Norris. "First of all, the mechanic, the make, for example, the pit stops, because the have a great influence on the Performance in the race. During a pit stop, you can gain positions or lose. For me, everything is okay. But the guys we need to pay attention really."

The six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was able to find at the first "Triple-Header" of the season "no Problem," he says. But: "I can already see how this is in the next Back-to-Backs that are yet to come, a theme."

Friday practice at Imola deleted

"The men and women in the Team, rarely talk about their feelings and channeling the normally in work. So we tick stop. Normally you hear of anyone who complains. But we need to keep this in check. I hope that this year is a one-time thing. I press the thumb," said the Mercedes driver. HIGH TWO/Pool/Motorsport Images Lewis Hamilton celebrates victory with his mechanics

The formula 1 on the first lawsuits already responded. During the Imola weekend (race on 1. November) was cancelled the Friday training; hazards will only be on Saturday and Sunday. This may be a Test for the future, because of profit reasons, Liberty Media, would like to increase the calendar to 25 races, and in return for the week, shorten ends.

For Seidl but that is not the answer: "as Long as the guys are just as long away from home, the work is not at the track, the biggest Problem," he points out. "The biggest Challenge is that they are so long separated from women and children. Whether we go on Friday to Training or not, has no influence, I think."

This article was written by Christian Nimmervoll, Co-author: Luke Smith

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*The contribution of "the racing calendar is published to extreme stress: mechanics of exhaustion at the end" is from Contact with the executives here.

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