Anticipation, avoidance and resolution | Landkreis Ebersberg

, The table tennis players of the district are confident that we can soon be on the plates return. JULIAN BETZL County After the Whitsun holidays, all the m

Anticipation, avoidance and resolution | Landkreis Ebersberg

, The table tennis players of the district are confident that we can soon be on the plates return.


County After the Whitsun holidays, all the member clubs received electronic Mail from the Bavarian table tennis Association (BTTV). The clubs from the district of Ebersberg were informed of the rules on the Hygiene and conduct in accordance with the recent easing measures by the COVID-19-contingent restrictions for the Indoor sports the basis for a resumption of the training operation from next Monday, 8. June, are. Much more urgent, as quickly the ultimate Go to pick up in your community, appears at many Clubs, however, the date on which the Association message (including the Cup) on 10. June. Which Teams should you sign in which is the game class for a League with an uncertain start date, under exceptional conditions, seems to be in some places a shot into the blue.

TSV Zorneding

A couple of purchases in terms of disinfection, protection would have to be made, and organizationally there have to complete some fine work, otherwise head of Department Christian Fritsch on hopes that on Monday, the first table tennis balls fly through the triple hall. "We are waiting for the green light from the municipality, then want to start but, together with the badminton players."

Under pressure to act, he does not stand, however, stressed Fritsch. All of the approximately 70 active members "wait patiently" and may count at the existing size of the hall, where in normal operation, the over 18 competition tables, in order to be able, even under conditions of their usual training times and opportunities maintained.

From the season's demolition in mid-March, have benefited from the wrath of things, if at all. In the Association's top League the ladies played anyway to the Golden pineapple, the two new additions Daniela Staschko (Ottobrunn) and Jelena Monday (Garching) will soon contribute to a relaxation of the staffing situation. And in the district, class A the men I occupied just relegation place and can, therefore, register now for the district League. "Negative consequences are not to be expected financially," says Fritsch, "we have saved only to coaches salaries." You will now offer in the summer holidays Training.

SC Baldham-father.

"No rush, dear, a week later, Wisely start", is the Motto of the Department, the Board of management Jochen Hampl. Actually, he was planning to go with a training start after the Whitsun holidays. Rather, the Shoe pinches him at the Association's reporting deadline. Sporty the land League had qualified men, the Second for the Union League. Internally has agreed on the Team but, the climb is not to exercise and to stay in the national League. The significantly increased time and travel expenses, as well as low prospects of success Hampl as the main reasons for the rise of rejection. "For us, the players don't deserve a penny. We are a homogeneous team that likes to celebrate and have fun together. We don't want to go there every weekend somewhere, to let us whup.“ Alone the difference of up to 1 000 ranking points between the top players highlights the difference in performance. The could also have the leader of the dirt road, of all places, the dispensed also on the rise.

In the district of upper League hopes the Reserve to an external waiver, can the League keep. "But it depends on so many factors." After all: competitor Anzing don't want to make the SCBV II the potential launch site in dispute.

SV Anzing

"We want to remain in the district of upper League and suffered relegation in each case," proclaimed the press were Michael strings. After the departure of the two top players Christian von der Lippe and Tom Kappl (we reported) want to sort the gentlemen in the district League new. To be established by the Department for the restart of the training, there will be at least up to the 22. June take. At this appointment, you will want to coordinate with the municipality on an appropriate implementation concept. In adults the area of strings expected at the start, less problems. "We also have three players under ten years of age because of the distance and Watching more and more difficult. Therefore, we take no Schnupperer or new entrants.“ Although to date no outlet was known, was making the most of strings "of great concern", whether the Motivation is for the young people after the long Pause is still present.

TSV Poing

on a whim in the hall look, whether it be a nice little game results. Those days are gone in Poing first. Currently the sports hall is closed on the mountain, the field, the municipality deals with the TSV concept for the re-opening. For head of Department Holger Kordowske to clarify questions remain: "What recommendations from the DTTB? What exactly are the legal requirements? How can our older people with the Online booking tool?“

Sporty could live the Poinger with the season crash well. "Our ladies were already calls for slightly below-and look forward to returning in the BOL. And our men's III were also happy that they were just on the relegation place in the district class B.“

Only Kordowske for the game identifies new obstacles: "it is definitely difficult if we can't stop in the limited hours available in our simple-to-hall two games at the same time." Also, the required regular is likely to be due to ventilation of the hall is sometime problematic. "What about in the Winter? So, it's freezing!“

ASV Glonn

"Even if we wanted to start on Monday, can we not," explains head of Department Robert Wäsler. "Up to the 14. July run the qualifying exams of the middle school.“ Alternatively, check training opportunities in the point of the game hall in tin mountain. The charge to the restart can be expected Wäsler hardly. "The Situation is annoying me terribly. I am one who likes exercising a lot. And so a game in the garden is not a proper Training.“ Under special conditions for protection do not want to train all the clubs in glonn. "A few have not in the mood to play under these conditions. For me, the Association message is a huge problem, a very stupid Situation.“ Until tonight, shall, in consultation with the team, a decision, leaders are made. "Maybe I'll be less teams. Even the First men, a waiver of the district League ascent would be possible.“

TTC Aßling

One player was reported to him that he would like to re-train, says Board member Thomas Schmidt. "Otherwise, I've heard nothing and therefore only once in the municipality, in demand, because the hall is left in the vacation closed, anyway." For Schmidt, the date for the Training is less interesting than Whether and How a season starts. "Although no team is affected by the descent, we experience already in front of the Corona, how difficult it is to transfer youth into the adult class." Schmidt fears that it will exacerbate the problem.

TSV Steinhöring

With 15 Active in two men's teams, the training operation in Steinhöring would organize relatively easily. "Only the municipal Council are held in the gym currently still in meetings," explains head of Department, Hans Hilger. "But to 15. June we want to start the BTTV pads with the Training of four plates. A Department meeting to do this, but has not yet taken place.“

ATSV Kirchseeon

six make two. During the forced pause, it comes around the ATSV-to phenomena tables drastic resolution. "Next season we will report only a men's and a youth team", announced head of Department Csaba Nagy. The Junior was already logged out during the season a Team, the second deregistration follows. "The Problem is that we have no regular players and many turns." Because Csaba self-switches as a player together with Berj Tchaparian to Anzing, dissolved Kirchseeons First gentlemen in the district class "C". "And the third don't want any more." In the future, the ATSV are represented-men, only in the district class D. Csaba Nagy wants to welcome you as soon as possible in the hall. "From me to we train from Tuesday, I'm waiting on response from the community."

Updated Date: 05 June 2020, 03:33

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