Amar Cekics Top-Eleven: A Full Climb Power | District Of Dachau

as of July Amar Cekic laces up his shoes for 1. FC Schweinfurt 05. Prior to that, the Top Eleven of his career presents us with the 27-Year-old, however. goal

Amar Cekics Top-Eleven: A Full Climb Power | District Of Dachau

as of July Amar Cekic laces up his shoes for 1. FC Schweinfurt 05. Prior to that, the Top Eleven of his career presents us with the 27-Year-old, however.


Niclas Heimann (SV Rödinghausen)

Niclas is the best goalkeeper I've ever played. I Know a year with him at Red eat kicked in. He is a very pleasant person and a complete goalkeeper.


Right: Franz Hübl (TSV 1865 Dachau and Co-coach of TSV 1860 Munich)

Franz, I had the honor to play twice, three times. So really it has sparked between us, when I was at Dachau 65. Franz, for me, is awesome. He is an absolute type, and he has brought out of each player the Maximum out of it. With him on the pitch the whole squad feels safer. He's not just a guy with a winning mentality, but also tactically an absolute professional. You can say Franz is a great guy.

mid: Fabian Lamotte (TSV 1865 Dachau)

Fabi was our player-coach at Dachau, 65 and very important for me. He has given me very much confidence and also a lot of freedom given. About his footballing quality, there is not much to say. The striker in the Bayern League run into a regularity, into the Void, if he is raising (laughs). For 50 years, felt the need to imitate the first one. He's just a hell of a guy.


Links: Christoph Rech (FC Pipinsried)

Gis in Pipinsried of the Rock in the Surf, and our defensive leader. He's playing almost as a Central midfielder. He is also a crazy goal threat from set pieces. He is all in all, a perfect defender and still young. The man forgets him often.


Links: Burak Coban (SSV Ulm 1846 fußball)

With Burak, I have shared me in Memmingen, a year and a half the length of the cabin. He is an incredibly good footballer. In the one-on-one, you can stop him. In addition, he is very good in the statements, and he understands it to refer to the closest solutions. He is a gambler through and through. In addition, we are now very good friends.

center: Daniel deniers (FC Pipinsried)

Leuges is the best midfield player I've ever played. He understands everything, is technically gifted and there is nothing he can't do that. He shoots with left gates, he shoots with the right goals, he can dribble and he is great at headers. He is also not slow, defensively good, and the sickest gamblers. He is easily my favorite.

center: Nikola Jelisic (1. FC Schweinfurt 05)

Nikos career might have gone quite differently if he had not had so much bad luck. He is the perfect sixes. I played with Niko, only a year in the U15. He then went to Bavaria, and up to the Amateurs stayed there. He is an all-rounder all-rounder. In the Defensive and Offensive he is an exceptional player. He is also one of my best friends.

Right: Besar Halimi (SV Sandhausen)

With Besar I played for Stuttgarter Kickers together. I'm always incredibly proud when he runs for his national team and I can look at these games. I am very happy with how it went. I wish him that he can do it with Kosovo to a major tournament. At the time, we had a very close bond and still have contact.


Right: Kasim Rabihic (Türkgücü Munich)

In the regional League, you, what a incredible player Kasim looks. He is, in my opinion, the key player in Türkgücu Munich, and a large proportion of this has that you are to square one. He delivers each year incredible Numbers. Last year, it was a great pleasure to be with him together in a team, even if we are relegated, and very hurt. We had many moments of genius. To this I always remember with pleasure.

mid: Christian Doll (TSV 1865 Dachau)

Dolli was the perfect striker for me. He was freezing in front of goal and was able to perfectly combine. For me, the roof Auer hall remains the championship in 2016 unforgettable. We would have won this at the time, and the enemy partially dizzy played.

Links: Steffen Krautschneider (FC Pipinsried)

Krauti is an asset to any team. He is quick, tall, good in one-on-one, created a lot of chances to score and shoots exactly as many goals. In the cabin he is also enormously important. He is a hell of a football player and the Figures he provides this year, speak volumes.


Fabian Hürzeler (FC Pipinsried)

I stress it again and again: What Fabi in his old age white as a coach and tactically, is the madness. He understands his players perfectly and play to where you can enrich the team the most. He always comes up with new training exercises and calls for very much of its players. In addition, he would do anything for his players. I'm sure that Fabi is going to go in the future, his path as a coach. I also hope for him that he can establish himself in professional football. You can grant it to him.

Date Of Update: 15 June 2020, 11:34