Alexander Zetterer from TuS Holzkirchen in the Interview | Landkreis Miesbach

Alexander Zetterer has experienced in his young career a lot. At the age of 23, he is already running for some clubs in the upscale Amateur area. Holzkirchen

Alexander Zetterer from TuS Holzkirchen in the Interview | Landkreis Miesbach

Alexander Zetterer has experienced in his young career a lot. At the age of 23, he is already running for some clubs in the upscale Amateur area.

Holzkirchen - Alexander Zetterer from TuS Holzkirchen has come in spite of his 23 years already. The 1.85-Meter defender for the FC Deisenhofen , 1860 Rosenheim and SV Heimstetten on the Ball. Zetterer went to churches in 2019, eventually, to the TuS wood.

in The land division of the Haidroad is, the veteran has been an integral part of the Defensive. In addition, he trained for this season, together with his Team-mates Riccardo Ferraro , Junior D of the TuS.

In a Video Interview with soccer-suburban/ FuPa upper Bavaria the 23-Year-old spoke with us about the following topics:

The 23-year-old defender speaks in a Video Interview about the current training situation at TuS Holzkirchen....

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Alexander Zetterer about...his hernia

The OP was great and went well I am now back home and need to conserve a little bit, but the is already.

How to breaks during the football-free time is actually the bar?

I had the pain a bit longer. Since January, when we started on artificial turf to train. During the football-free time I went but then back to the doctor and since the is came out, unfortunately.

How long you have to pause?

The next four weeks, I have to be careful. Then I could start back slowly with the soccer training. And I should also then, immediately, the first sliding tackle unpacking.

...the training operation at TuS Holzkirchen

On Tuesday we trained for the first Time again. How exactly it's going now, I don't know because I of the round will be there in the first place. Twice a week Training in small groups is planned.

the contact with the team Missing for you?

Yes, definitely. Next Tuesday I'm going to look over time at the Training.

do you Think one or the other colleague has already got a small Corona tummy?

I haven't seen the Other until now. I can tell you on Tuesday. (laughs)

...his D-youth of the TuS Holzkirchen

What you have with your D-youth made over the Corona break?

I sent my buddy Riccardo Ferraro, who trained with me the troops, Videos of the boys. We have set a few Exercises, juggling with the Ball, or a couple of small pass exercises also go well at home. Who has fun to it, could of course also go for a Run.

D-youth in the Nine-against-Nine to coach a big change to one's own Eleven-against-Eleven?

Yes, that's a badass conversion. For what it is since everything changed over the last few years have been crazy. For me at that time in the D-youth has played eleven against eleven on the normal big box . It is noted, however, that it does the boys and girls well.

...the season to date

Why are you doing this to difficult for you this year in the national League so?

We have a very different squad than last year. This was a bit of a break. We have a very young team, but this was deliberately so. In the national League much about the Assailant. If you have to then just as a young team in this fight, it is of course brutally hard. We have not played up to now is the season that many expected of us. But the us was also clear that it will be hard and we have made it so far, very solid.

Eyeing her as a relegation candidate, that in Bavaria the season is canceled?

We do not concern ourselves with the descent. (laughs) of course, the Teams that are down there say always, "let's end this", and who is at the top, would like to play the season to the end, to ascend. For us, the descent is not counted as. If it goes in September, then we play more.

...his future

Must be the goal for the next few years rise again with wooden churches?

The wishes of each. One has noticed in the wooden churches, the Bavaria League with the pads, the more effort and cost to the limit of the Possible is. Sure, you want to upgrade always. You wouldn't play football if you want success. This season, whenever she goes even further, it is the classes hold. Next season we want to play, then again to the top of the table seats.

How will it go with you the next few years?

Professionally, I am now very busy. By the way, I educate myself even more. That's why I look first, not back in the direction of the regional League. I would like to focus first on the job and to me there a real leg to stand on to create. As it continues, I'll have to see. I'm in wood churches are very, very pleased. We build to us there's just something really cool. With the squad the next season is going to be good.


How would your teammates describe you?

two strong in battle, not one to back off. Technically I'm not, perhaps, the outstanding player, but I was never. I don't have to be. I'm more likely to have the two fight and interact a bit with the crowbar.

Why is Marco Schmidt as a coach in your dream-Eleven?

I know Marco already for several years and my brother had him as a coach in Unterhaching. The personality is the deciding factor. I felt very, very well under him. What he teach to teach, he wants to a really. He is at the players.

which of your two players you're defending dear Christopher Korkor or Toni Bauer? to say

Hard against Christopher. In the case of Koko, I can estimate what he makes. Toni is part of a real piñata. He makes and things that you think simply: "How does he do that". But of course, I can defend against both. (laughs)

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