A helmet and a suit borrowed, buttock numb: Hulkenberg leaves the Comeback impression

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A helmet and a suit borrowed, buttock numb: Hulkenberg leaves the Comeback impression

formula 1: GP of great Britain - LIVE Now on Sky (display)

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Without incident, the flash-the return of Nico Hulkenberg formula 1. "My right butt cheek is a bit deaf", radioed the 32-Year-old to the Box and asked at the first Training, a short break. The veteran jumped on Friday as a surprise to the Coronavirus infected Sergio Perez at the Team Racing Point and steered the car just 15 minutes after becoming aware of the Deals, for the first time on the track.

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Not even 24 hours have elapsed between the request and the Comeback in the race car, with which he will start on Sunday at the Grand Prix of great Britain. "It feels a little bit unreal," said Hulkenberg, who had to borrow a racing suit and helmet: "I like challenges and this is certainly one. I'll jump in and try to make the Best for the Team."

Vettel hülkenberg's return,

is a four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, the Comeback hülkenberg's happy in the formula 1. "There was a time with six or seven German drivers. That's why it's nice that I'm not the only one. At least this weekend," said the Ferrari Pilot. "It's a nice Surprise that he's back."

Vettel was this season so far, the only rider from Germany in the formula 1.

Hulkenberg: the driver's seat was adjusted to

Previously, had seen the Rhine, and stressful hours. On Thursday, he was arrived, had to adjust in the Racing-Point factory still in his driver's seat and, above all, a negative Coronavirus Test to prove. It worked just before the first Training. Only then he was allowed on the track grounds, lay a continuous run to the Garage and was suddenly back in a formula 1 car. Motorsport Images Nico Hülkenberg celebrates his Comeback in formula 1

Hulkenberg, who has the experience of 177 races, drove four years for Racing Points predecessor's Force India. Most recently, he sat from 2017 to 2019 in the Renault and had received in the previous year, no new contract. The dream of a long-term return lives the winner of the 24 hours race of Le Mans in 2015, but is now back.

Hulkenberg: Sad record in the formula 1

The German holds the inglorious record for the most Race starts without a podium in race one and managed it in its first year in 2010, once the Pole Position. Now he can use the Intermezzo for to recommend to for a tight fit. The kick-off succeeded anyway, with positions nine and seven in the training. Hulkenberg should safe a lot of kilometers and made no driving errors. The of team-mate Lance Stroll borrowed suit pressed, but first a little. Tip of the Sport-editorial office

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it is Still not clear how long the 30-year-old Perez. The first prominent Corona-the case of the formula 1 was on Thursday in public. The Mexicans came immediately into quarantine and may not be able to start in the second Silverstone race next week. This depends on the duration of the Isolation. There is confusion whether this should take seven or ten days. "If there are ten days, Nico will drive both races," said team Manager Otmar Szafnauer.

Pérez suffers in quarantine

Perez spoke meanwhile of one of the "saddest days of my career. It shows how vulnerable we all are for this Virus," said the world Cup-the Sixth in a Video on Twitter. After the last Grand Prix of Hungary he was for two days with a Private plane to his home flew, to visit his sick mother, who had an accident. Then it went right back to Europe. "I got it, but I don't know where it comes from," said Perez, and assured: "I have kept all the rules." Sky Nico Hulkenberg drives at Silverstone for Racing Point.

it is unclear whether the incident has consequences for his career. Actually, Perez still has a contract until the end of the season 2022, at last, however, there was much speculation that he will be replaced in the next season from the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. The edge has to go at Ferrari and could get 2021, a Cockpit with a Racing Point. The team is then to the new work team of the British car manufacturer Aston Martin.

Racing Point: Replaced Vettel, Sergio Pérez?

During a sitting by the canadian Lance Stroll, son of the Owners, Lawrence Stroll, is firmly occupied, by the Treaty of Perez, according to reports in the media, be terminated against a lush separation money. Spicy: cut-off date for this decision is, of all things, Friday, this (31. July) to be. Szafnauer denied this Option, and Vettel was the TV-transmitter Sky, to know nothing about it. Instead, the Hesse, to his future, said: "I think that this weekend something will happen." imago images/Jan Huebner, Nico Hülkenberg and Sebastian Vettel

The 33-year-old Vettel will continue his career like a decision, but allow enough time. "It might take a few weeks or even longer. Nothing has changed," said the Ex-Champion at a press conference on Thursday at Silverstone: "It is an exciting time. I want to be sure that I'm doing this correctly. Good things should not be rushed."

On the range is a measure of Vettel for the first time since the season finale in November 2019 in Abu Dhabi, with Hulkenberg. As in the previous year, there are, at least temporarily, two German pilots. The prospects for the future are, however, turbid: so Far, no one from the Autoland has beyond 2020 to a place behind the wheel safely.

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Date Of Update: 02 August 2020, 03:27

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