A classic that lasted less than 10 minutes

Liga Endesa ACB Day 15 Completed So it was that Barça 83 63 Real-Madrid The classic Nikola Mirotic finished with the montenegrin lifted up his arms to encour

A classic that lasted less than 10 minutes
Liga Endesa ACB Day 15


So it was that Barça 83 63 Real-Madrid

The classic Nikola Mirotic finished with the montenegrin lifted up his arms to encourage the delight of the fans barca, and with the fans in the Palau with a choir singing the name of their idol adapted to the intonation of the soundtrack of Pippi Longstocking. The club overwhelmed the Madrid of the output and the pulse ended before you start. Mirotic was the leading scorer with 20 points, the same advantage that reached his team on the scoreboard end. The same slack that was introduced in the fourth initial. Madrid, who had won 17 of their last 19 games, was held back his streak. It was the sixth defeat of the season for the of Laso. In three of the five occasions that the whites have conceded more than 80 points have been lost, and this time also met the trend. White and catalans, in front of the classification league next to the Zaragoza and the Euroleague next to the Efes, trace now their balance sheets after the classic (12-3 and 13-3).

Mirotic scored six points in the first five minutes of the game, four of them from the free kick, and he did not see the hoop in the first half. Your impulse to be launched at the club, and his retreat was modulated by the difference and opened slightly the picture of a classic that, despite the sístoles and diástoles on the scoreboard, was born sentenced by the huge difference of the contenders in the intensity and concentration after the initial jump.

“we Change those faces already, huh?”, he cried out Rudy in the first dead time after the 8-0 barca out, but his team did not find the way. The defense of Barça forced 14 loss to Madrid in the first 13 minutes (22 in total). 10 of 20 in triples of the set of Pesic contrasted with the 4 of 21 real madrid. Campazzo and Tavares, the usual tortures of the club will not be ever found. Hanga and Delaney marked the rhythm; Kuric and Oriola served as the specialist and Mirotic completed his small revenge personal.

“They are a team that has a lot of annotation, with many players able to get points. For us it is obligatory to defend and to lower their numbers and, from there, to try to control the pace,” explained Laso a few minutes from the start of the match. In its attempt to contain Barca in defence, the Madrid traspapeló their dash in attack. Cortocircuitó Campazzo to change the agitation by the pause and the excess of chloroform, which were intended to manage the white party, they turned against bullying in a galbana monumental. To contrapié and contraestilo, Madrid closed the first quarter with a 2-of-14 on field goal and more losses (7) than points (5, all of Randolph). In the marker a resounding 22-5; in the statistical assessment of a landslide 30 to -4. The world record real madrid of 26-2 in the second quarter before the Andorra (50-14 at the break) the previous week was almost replicated in the negative by the whites in the Palau.

While Pesic took advantage of the vigorous return of Claver to expand resources in the rotation, Laso tried to respond to the tunda barca with the energy of Garuba and the fresh legs of Thompkins. It was the formula at the technical victorian. Without counter attack or hit from the perimeter, the Madrid devoted himself to a mission impossible before you break a sweat. If the Thursday at the OAKA white threw 40 triples with a 35% of success, in the Palau kept the dynamic but without success. Kuric completed a brilliant sequence barca from 6.75 with the triple which was the maximum income for the club before the break (35-14, m. 15). By then, of Pesic amounted to 6, 8 and white a 1, 10.

With a 2-for-4 in the triple in the second quarter and a partial 0-8 in the final stretch of the second quarter, the Madrid reduced the deficit to 12 at the break. “With 14 losses, it is impossible to compete,” he emphasized Laso in the interval. “We have, or we had a good defense on your bases and keep it”, explained Pesic with tone measured. The 22-5 in the first quarter, swung to a 6-20 between the 15th minute and 23 (41-34), after an unsporting of Mirotic to Campazzo. But, soon after that came the second basket of the own Mirotic in the game, when wearing a 1 of 6 shots from the field. The montenegrin scored eight points in the third quarter, in which real Madrid lost the five points that had recovered in the second. For then the loss madridistas already risen to 20 in 30 minutes. Mirotic came to the 20 points, Madrid remained in 63.

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Date Of Update: 29 December 2019, 21:00