3. League: FC Bayern 2 new Top favorite for the championship | FC Bayern

Five game days before the end of the FC Bayern 2, the table 3. League. Five reasons for the victory of the U23 from Munich in the second round. The 33. Round

3. League: FC Bayern 2 new Top favorite for the championship | FC Bayern

Five game days before the end of the FC Bayern 2, the table 3. League. Five reasons for the victory of the U23 from Munich in the second round.

The 33. Round of the 3. League has captured the Bayern 2 the lead in the table by the MSV Duisburg . The U23 German champion has brought in the year 2020 of 34 out of 39 possible points . In the last five Games of the season, the team of the Sebastian Hoeness meets 1. FC Magdeburg , TSV 1860 München , FC Carl Zeiss Jena , MSV Duisburg and 1. FC Kaiserslautern .

Munich - With a 5-1 victory against SV Meppen. the U23 of the FC Bayern on Wednesday night, the standings in the 3 League taken. Since Christmas the 2 has. Team from Munich only lost one game, in February in the 0:1 in Chemnitz. Against Eintracht Braunschweig on 30. Round, there was a 1:1 draw in Braunschweig, the remaining eleven games decided by the team of Sebastian Hoeness for themselves.

3. League: FC Bayern 2 is in a rush

After the 1:1 at 22. December 2019 in the home game against Würzburg breathed a sigh of relief, the people responsible, because the team had to eat a "winter bacon" of five points on the first relegation place. In the new year of the knots burst and the talents have played in a frenzy. 34 out of 39 possible points, has collected the U23.

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We call the five reasons why the championship 2019 in the regional League in the year 2020, the title to the Isar could go - this time in the 3. League.

1. The team has no pressure

The U23 from Munich, has a special position in the 3. League. While almost all the other clubs and their players with expiring contracts have Existence, and is charged to the FC Bayern 2. Under optimum conditions could keep the Team in the Corona-break, fit, and on the Re-Start to prepare. It was clear early on that the classes is managed. Since then, the enthusiasm of the young team of game builds to the game. Even if the second team is higher than in the 3. League is allowed to play, there is one goal: the championship in The 3. League.

2. FC Bayern 2's playing the best football in the 3. League

Fiete Arp ( 2017 ) and Nicolas Kühn ( 2019 ), until the end of the season vonAjax Amsterdam borrowed, were excellent in their career as the best U19 player of your class. The two winners of the Fritz-Walter-medal in Gold are just two of the many highly talented young players, who are technically already more than most of the third-League professionals. Don't make it to the opposing teams, to get the playful Superiority of the U23 in the handle, it is also for the Top Teams in the League hard. Haching Trainer Claus Schromm was after the 0:1 defeat outright at the end of February, the team was "just too fast for this League".

3. The "old-hands" on 23

Into a 2. Team of a professional club is allowed a maximum of three players over 23 years old, and at the same time on the field. Substitute goalkeeper Michael Netolitzky is still without the use. The other four Leadership Nicolas Feldhahn (33, 25 operations), Timo core (30, 24 inserts), Luke Welzmüller (33, 28 inserts) and striker Kwasi Okyere Wriedt (25, 30 bets) are. They form a crucial axis of the team and lead the Youngsters. "Ochi" Wriedt that in the summer in the Dutch Eredivisie, is the meeting place for the first striker of the League, and after 33. Game to days, the list of scorers with 22 stalls, Albert Bunaku (19).

4. Wise personnel decisions in the NLZ

For years, dreaming of Fans and officials of FC Bayern, a player like Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Müller, who has matured in the youth of the record most of it. Since the end of the Era of van Gaal in Munich has established itself up to this season, no longer a Talent in the professional squad. This season Leon Dajaku, Oliver Batista Meier and Sarpreet Singh celebrated their Bundesliga debut in Hansi Flick . Joshua Zirkzee could bring even as a Backup to star striker Robert Lewandowski is in position and has scored in eight stakes, four goals. The NLZ-line under the leadership of Jochen Sauer, has extended his contract recently in 2023, has three years after the opening of the new Junior performance centre, with some success. Also, the Transition from success coach Jochen Seitz, after the rise in the 3. League was promoted to the leadership of the NLZs, ran smoothly. Despite some initial headwinds of their own Fans coach Sebastian Hoeness is now beyond dispute.

5. Wider squad with successive under-19 players

The English weeks are hard as a rock, many of the Teams struggling with injury and personnel concerns. FC Bayern is violated, for example, Fiete Arp, other players help you out again and again in the pros, but it has not thrown the FC Bayern so far off track. It is a source of new hope to your back. Jamal Musiala (17) was in his third game in the 3. League as a double scorer against Zwickau and after David Alaba's second youngest third of the League contactors of FCB history. Malik Tillman (18) shot three days later, two compartment and turned on the game when the SV Waldhof Mannheim. Even more striking is the development of Angelo Stiller. Since the 21. Round is set, the 19-Year-old Hoeness, and has missed not a single Minute. Even if Hansi Flick after the winning of the championship of the other young players a Chance, are ready to other talents in the start.

Date Of Update: 19 June 2020, 15:35