World Cup 2024: Darts accessories: Beginners should start with this equipment

Alexandra Palace is ready for the next big darts party.

World Cup 2024: Darts accessories: Beginners should start with this equipment

Alexandra Palace is ready for the next big darts party. The PDC Darts World Championship starts its next round on December 15, 2023. As the defending champion and the hunted, the Englishman Michael Smith takes to the oche for the first time. In addition to the 33-year-old, 95 other athletes will fight for prize money totaling 2.5 million pounds over 16 days. This included crowd favorite Fallon Sherrock and, for the first time, five German players (Gabriel Clemens, Florian Hempel, Martin Schindler, Ricardo Pietreczko and Dragutin Horvat).

Do you have space for a dartboard and really want to achieve the legendary 180 points? You need these darts accessories for this.

Before you buy the darts and matching accessories, you have to decide between the classic steel dartboard and an electronic dartboard - both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. While the classic board requires the players to do mental arithmetic, the technology does this for the electronic board. The metal darts, also known as steel darts, are significantly sharper in the original and therefore more dangerous, but also easier to replace, while the plastic darts in the electronic version are more harmless and therefore a good introduction for beginners.

Besides the board, the darts are the most important thing in darts. They usually consist of a barrel with a tip, a screwed-on shaft, and the so-called flight, which allows the arrow to fly towards the target in the first place. A set includes three darts. The tips of arrows for electronic darts can be replaced. This is not possible with steel darts. However, they are also significantly more robust and easier to care for. To get started with darts, all you need for the first trial lessons is a set of standard arrows, such as the Razor Edge from Red Dragon. If you want to feel a bit like the reigning world champion Gerwyn Price, you should choose the champion's darts. The Red Dragon Gerwyn Price are available here.

Due to the constant impact and pulling out of the darts, the plastic tips of the soft dart - i.e. an electronic disc - can bend or break over time. The more often you indulge in the sport, the more wear and tear you will end up wearing on your arrows. For this reason, you should always have a few spare tips ready, which you can replace at any time if necessary. Otherwise, you will be annoyed if you run out of arrows at the crucial moment.

If you choose a classic dartboard, it is definitely advisable to buy a protective ring. Its primary purpose is to protect your wall from the sharp metal arrows. Especially for beginners, one or two arrows don't always land in the target, but next to it. Simply place the ring over the dartboard - and if it has been used too much after a while, you can simply turn it over and use the back. Most protective rings can be used on both sides and therefore last longer.

The wings on the dart, i.e. the flights, are crucial for the flight path. It is all the more important to replace them regularly, as well as the tip, because the fact is: the flights wear out over time if they fall or bounce off the dartboard or wall. In order to master your throwing technique, the wings must be intact. That's why torn flights should be replaced immediately, otherwise the trajectory of the arrows can change negatively. You also get the wings in a set.

A suitable dart bag is recommended not only for storing but also for transporting the darts: there is enough space for the darts and replacement accessories such as flights and shafts. The plastic or metal tips can be stored in the separate plastic vials as they are lockable and there is therefore no risk of the tips flying around in the bag and damaging the flights.

It's not necessary, but still very practical: a dartboard lighting system with magnetic feet so that it can be easily attached to the steel ring of a target. Equipped with 125 small LED lamps, the system ensures the right lighting - regardless of how bright or dark it is in the room itself. Not a must for beginners at all, but rather a nice goodie for weak eyes.

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