Viva Las Vegas: Super Bowl LVIII: Eight gadgets for the perfect football party

It's set up for the largest individual sporting event in the world.

Viva Las Vegas: Super Bowl LVIII: Eight gadgets for the perfect football party

It's set up for the largest individual sporting event in the world. Around 800 million people are looking forward to the duel between the defending champions Kansas City Chiefs and the challengers the San Francisco 49ers. Everything points to a close and exciting final for the famous Vince Lombardy Trophy. About 72,000 fans will be at Alligiant Stadium in Las Vegas on February 11 (local time) as quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy aim to lead their teams to the championship. Most others are having their own Super Bowl parties at home. The following article reveals how you can make this party a blast.

Tip: Kick-off for the game of the year is around 0:30 a.m. CET on the night of Monday, February 12th. RTL will broadcast the final live and in full length on free TV.

A training football should be available at every Super Bowl party for warm-ups and breaks. After all, only one person can go to the toilet at a time. Meanwhile, the others talk shop about the last moves or toss the egg back and forth a bit. The Wilson mini football for home is now also available in the team design. No matter who's football heart beats on the night of February 11th to 12th: the egg in the appropriate color or in the classic reddish brown should be within reach from kick-off to the last play.

For Americans, alcohol is as much a part of football as greasy finger food. And so, at the 58th Super Bowl, millions of liters of barley juice and various spirits will once again flow down the throats of football fans. The cool blonde and the high-proof shorts are guaranteed to taste particularly delicious from these beer and shot glasses in a football design. The beer glasses in the shape of the play equipment fit exactly half a liter of cold hops. The gag about the shot glasses: They can be filled from both sides. Here you can find the set of 4 for Kümmerling

A Super Bowl without popcorn cannot be a good Super Bowl. And if you're not watching the match of the year at a public viewing in a cinema, you can just bring the popcorn home. This popcorn machine for the living room only needs to be fed with corn kernels. The cult snack - either salty, with syrup or butter - can be crunched within three minutes. The Gadgy popcorn machine has a stylish retro look and turns the corn into crispy popcorn. The matching bowl for the snack table is available here.

A whopping 625 milliliters of beer fit into plastic drinking cups in the original NFL Super Bowl LVIII design. Eight pieces belong to a set. Printed on it are the official Super Bowl logo and the ball that will be used to compete for the coveted ring in Las Vegas on February 11th. Here you can find the set of 8 for the Super Bowl Party 2024. And the matching Super Bowl napkins are made of 2-ply tissue paper and come in a pack of 48.

Football caps are without a doubt one of the most popular fan items ever. But which cap should fans get before the big showdown on February 11th (local time)? After the AFC and NFC championship games, one thing is certain: Super Bowl LVIII will be a repeat of the 2020 final. Defending champion Kansas City with star quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce will meet Brock Purdy and his San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas .

In addition to popcorn, classic finger food is also part of a hearty Super Bowl party. This snack stadium has a total of eleven small and large compartments for chips, chicken nuggets, fries, gummy bears, pretzels, chocolate and anything else that helps calm nerves and raise cholesterol levels. This version is already chock-full of sweet and salty. Including tortilla chips, peanuts, popcorn, cookies and much more. The self-filling option is available here.

It's clear: a Super Bowl party also includes a colorful pile of decorations. Paper streamers, more than 30 different colored balloons, garlands, Stars'n'Stripes flags and a large Super Bowl lettering are included in this 51-piece Super Bowl decoration set. The balloons in particular should be a lot of fun for little football fans the day after the game.

As a bouncer there is probably one of the funniest drinking games ever in the American football version. The US musician and ex-Bloodhound Gang bassist Evil Jared donated his name to the legendary target throwing. The set consists of a 1.80 meter long green beer pong mat with football markings, 60 red plastic cups, six shot cups and six ping pong balls printed with Jared's initials. So if the Allegiant Stadium halftime show in Las Vegas isn't exciting enough for you, or if you're still thirsty, energetic and have enough target water in the tank late at night, you could have fun with this special beer pong set.

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