This is where the separation between Eberl and Gladbach comes in

RB Leipzig wants to hire Max Eberl as the new sporting director.

This is where the separation between Eberl and Gladbach comes in

RB Leipzig wants to hire Max Eberl as the new sporting director. The 48-year-old must first terminate his contract in Gladbach. The foals want a reasonable transfer fee for the longtime manager. Meanwhile, Eberl's approach is said to have caused displeasure on the Lower Rhine.

At the beginning of the year, Max Eberl had to make a hard cut and abruptly left the football stage. Gladbach's longtime successful manager was suddenly gone - even though he had only recently extended his contract on the Lower Rhine until 2026.

But for Eberl his health came first, in an emotional press conference he announced his immediate departure and explained the motives. Now, a good nine months later, he seems slowly but surely ready to return. Not to Gladbach, but to Leipzig.

RB is desperately looking for a suitable sports director and has identified the 48-year-old as the ideal candidate. Eberl also seems to want to - but only a little later towards the end of the year.

The biggest hurdle to completing the deal remains Eberl's current contract with Borussia. After its end, it was not dissolved, but merely left alone. Means: Gladbach must now agree to a resolution before Eberl can sign in Leipzig.

The first tentative talks are said to have already taken place. Gladbach rejected a €500,000 offer from Leipzig. On the Lower Rhine they have completely different ideas when it comes to transfers. Initially, there was talk of ten million euros as the pain threshold. The picture now reports that at least five million euros are due. Plus bonuses should Eberl win titles with RBL.

But apparently it's not just about the money. Nor is it that Eberl “of all things” is moving to a club like Leipzig, which he had criticized heavily when he was a player from Gladbach. According to the image, those responsible in Gladbach should be particularly angry that Eberl has not yet contacted them. Instead, he has obviously already negotiated with Leipzig without informing his former club, with which he is still officially under contract.

Certainly an unfortunate course of action by the 48-year-old. However, the rifts should not be too deep for an agreement to actually fail. And in the end, RB Leipzig will probably also bring about the transfer of around five million euros to the Lower Rhine...

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