Tennis: Relieved of burdens and healthy: Zverev hot for Davis Cup

Alexander Zverev would have preferred to stay on Center Court.

Tennis: Relieved of burdens and healthy: Zverev hot for Davis Cup

Alexander Zverev would have preferred to stay on Center Court. The tennis Olympic champion was in a good mood and highly motivated at the draw for the Davis Cup match in Trier against Switzerland.

And above all: Zverev is fit for the qualifying duel on Friday and Saturday. "I feel better than ever after my injury," said the number one in the German team. "I've played the best sets in training this week since I've been healthy again," emphasized the 25-year-old and didn't receive any objection from national coach Michael Kohlmann. "He makes a very good impression."

Zverev and Otte in the singles

Now it's time to convert this impression against Switzerland into points. Zverev meets Swiss veteran Stan Wawrinka in the second singles on Friday. Before that (5 p.m.) Oscar Otte and Swiss number one Marc-Andrea Hüsler play against each other. On Saturday (1:00 p.m.) there is first the double before Zverev plays against Hüsler and then Otte against Wawrinka. Changes for Saturday are still possible until shortly before the start of the respective games. The winner of the duel qualifies for the group stage in mid-September.

Zverev's good mood is also due to the ATP decision at the beginning of the week to end the investigation against him after the allegations of violence by his then girlfriend Olga Sharipova and to refrain from punishment due to a lack of evidence. "It's very easy to accuse someone. I won two court cases, now also the ATP investigation. Some people presented me as an enemy before there was even an investigation," said Zverev, who also initially got the good news from the media had experienced.

Focus only on tennis

"The investigations have turned up nothing because there is nothing, because nothing happened. I can't do more than I did. I'm glad that I can finally get the issue over with and do what I am favorite thing to do, which is to play tennis."

To ensure that this happens again very soon at the level it was before his serious foot injury, the native of Hamburg really tried again in training after his second-round loss at the Australian Open. "I've spent the last few days training hard. I've actually done nothing but train. It's getting better from week to week and I hope it stays that way," said Zverev, who last played in Brazil for Germany a year ago had played.

There he won both singles - a record that the German team can use against Switzerland. "That would help a lot," said Kohlmann. After all, the Swiss have three-time Grand Slam champion Wawrinka and world number 53. Hüsler two dangerous players.

It would therefore be important if Otte finally celebrated his first victory in a Germany jersey. So far, the 29-year-old from Cologne has competed four times in singles and has always lost. "Tomorrow it's time that I finally contribute the first point," said Otte.