Schalke welcomes Bochum: Kramer thinks about "powerful" double leadership

Schalke 04 will welcome Revier rivals VfL Bochum on Saturday evening.

Schalke welcomes Bochum: Kramer thinks about "powerful" double leadership

Schalke 04 will welcome Revier rivals VfL Bochum on Saturday evening. In the run-up to the game, Frank Kramer also spoke about the possibility of starting with a "powerful" double attack.

In the pre-season it was often an issue and now and then it was reality on the pitch. But not at all in the previous season: a double leadership consisting of Simon Terodde and Sebastian Polter.

At Schalke, Frank Kramer thought more often and aloud about this attack possibility during the preparation. The second division goalscorer, who can rely on a lot of trust in the royal blue, together with the new signing, which cost around 1.5 million euros, a lavish sum for the current S04 conditions.

This composition has not been an issue in recent weeks. For one thing, there was a need to get through the flanks rather than putting up another center forward. On the other hand, Polter has not really been able to recommend himself to date.

But now that the duel with his ex-club is just around the corner, Kramer seems to be thinking about a joint starting eleven for the two attackers.

"Playing against your former club always has a special meaning for a player," said the coach on Thursday (via kicker). Such a "constellation brings a few more grains of motivation," he added.

Words that certainly do not sound as if Polter would have to sit on the bench again on Saturday evening. Apparently it is planned that he can play from the start. In the hope that the motivation boost to be expected, according to the coach, will cause the already growing knot to burst.

But then what about Terodde? As far as the performance principle is concerned, swapping the two would not be justifiable. Therefore, it could come for the first time in the course of the season to said double top.

Kramer was also asked about this at the press conference. "We have complete trust in both of them," he wanted to stress first. Then he added a meaningful assessment: "Bringing both together can always generate a lot of power."

If you listen carefully, you can certainly hear that the coach has one or the other argument for this step in mind. It is already clear that this option is anything but impossible.

However: Schalke already has - again - the problem that the attack is fed far too little. There is a lack - almost traditionally - of a clear idea of ​​how to create great opportunities. There has been a lack of even simple chances to score in recent weeks. If this problem persisted while Kramer came up with Terodde and Polter at the same time, then not one striker would starve, but two.

Of course, nothing would be gained by doing that. Any additional motivation and great ambition or not. Especially since the last few games have made it clear how important the influence of Marius Bülter or Jordan Larsson could be. Kenan Karaman should also want to have a say.

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