Morocco protests: is the World Cup final shaking?

Morocco wants to protest against defeat by France.

Morocco protests: is the World Cup final shaking?

Morocco wants to protest against defeat by France. According to the Moroccan FA, the 2-0 defeat in the semi-finals of the World Cup should be reviewed in the light of two referee decisions.

Even if Morocco was able to stay in the game for most of the 90 minutes and put up a good fight against France, the reigning world champions were able to assert themselves with a 2-0 victory. This means that the final for next Sunday is set: Argentina will play France.

Morocco would now like to fight against this starting position off the pitch. The North African country's football association feels so disadvantaged by two referee decisions that a protest against the match rating is to be lodged. This was initially reported by the French portal Foot Mercato (via image).

It is about two potential penalty scenes. In the 27th minute Lucas Hernández fought with Sofiane Boufal. The Moroccans would have liked to have been awarded a penalty. Instead, referee Cesar Ramos decided on offensive foul and showed Boufal a yellow card.

In the second scene, Selim Amallah was said to have been brought down so unfairly that there should have been a penalty for that as well. At least that's the view of the losers on Wednesday evening.

The association has since issued a statement (via "The FMRF has written to the competent authority asking the competent authority to review the refereeing decisions that deprived the Morocco team of two penalties, which in the eyes of several referee experts are undisputed were."

If it goes to Morocco, the result will be declared null and void. There should be a replay.

However, this scenario is highly unlikely. FIFA will not simply interrupt its biggest and most prestigious tournament in its course, just because there are understandable but ultimately far too small reasons for protest. In addition, the two situations are to be regarded as factual decisions by the impartial.

With a probability bordering on certainty, the complaint will have no further impact on the World Cup. France will play in the final.

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