More exercise in everyday life: Lose weight with jogging: This is how you melt the pounds

At the latest when the last comfortable pair of jeans pinches, we have to face the fact that we have gained a few pounds.

More exercise in everyday life: Lose weight with jogging: This is how you melt the pounds

At the latest when the last comfortable pair of jeans pinches, we have to face the fact that we have gained a few pounds. Especially in times of the Corona crisis, which has banished millions of people to the home office, we lack sufficient exercise in everyday life. For this reason, many decide without further ado and out of necessity to do more sport again. The only question here is how to get rid of a few pounds with as little effort as possible? Most people who don't like exercise don't like to hear the answer at all: with jogging. Because no matter how annoying it may be to struggle to get out of the house regularly to go for a short run, you will soon notice a noticeable improvement on the scales.

In Germany alone, more than five million people (aged 14 and over) go jogging or do a forest or cross-country run in their free time. This not only keeps you physically fit, but also promotes your fat metabolism. And NOW comes the good news: You don't even have to run particularly fast to burn off the calories - quite the opposite! Because the fact is that the body consumes more carbohydrates when running faster and more fat reserves when running slowly. Conversely, of course, this does not mean that the slower you move, the faster you lose weight. In plain language, this actually only means that you can lose weight more effectively if you move more permanently - and at a normal running pace. When you find your comfort zone, jogging is more fun.

The practical thing about jogging is that – in addition to the increased calorie consumption – you not only train your legs, but also your bottom and stomach. If you go running regularly, your body will become more defined and therefore slimmer. However, don't be alarmed at first if the scales show more weight: when you build muscle, you'll gain weight first, since muscles are heavier than fat cells. However, as soon as you burn more calories than you consume, the pounds will tumble. For comparison: if you weigh 75 kilograms and walk for 30 minutes, you burn up to 385 calories. Riding a bike would burn you just 231 calories in the same amount of time, and swimming 308 calories. Even when walking, i.e. fast walking, you can only get rid of up to 135 calories in half an hour.

Anyone who has ever jogged knows – even if they were in agony – at the latest after running: you feel better, if not even happy. On the one hand, because you have overcome your weaker self, on the other hand, because the body releases endorphins. Apart from that, the circulation is also stimulated, the metabolism stimulated, the immune system strengthened and stress reduced. These are all factors that, in addition to losing weight while jogging, speak in favor of running. And now, of course, there is another big but: so that you can reduce your weight quickly and effectively, you should slowly but surely increase your running speed and running time after a few weeks. Because your body gets used to the training very quickly, so that the performance is stopped if you do not increase the stimuli.

The most important accessory when jogging are the shoes: When running, it is important that your feet have enough freedom of movement - for this reason, the jogging shoes should always be half a size to a full size larger than the street shoes that you wear every day. In addition, the fit and the rolling movement of your feet also play an important role when trying them on: You can only walk optimally in them if your feet are properly supported and can roll properly. When it comes to clothing, on the other hand, you have complete freedom in terms of size, color and length. However, make sure you use breathable materials that transport sweat to the outside. This applies equally to running tights, t-shirts, functional underwear and socks.

Young parents often neglect the topic of sport because they simply don't have time for it. But jogging is the best way to combine running with your child - all you need is a sports buggy, also known as a jogger or buggy runner. Unlike an ordinary stroller, it only has three wheels: two in the back and one in the front. This makes the buggy more suitable for off-road use, so that you can push the buggy on field and forest paths as well as asphalt roads without any problems. Apart from that, you automatically train your arms as well. Before jogging, you should note the following:

Remember to rub sunscreen on your child's skin on sunny days - this is especially true in the warm summer months.

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