International press comments on FC Bayern-Barcelona: "Eternal nightmare in Munich"

FC Bayern beat FC Barcelona in the Champions League group game for the fifth time in a row.

International press comments on FC Bayern-Barcelona: "Eternal nightmare in Munich"

FC Bayern beat FC Barcelona in the Champions League group game for the fifth time in a row. Unlike last year's duels, the Catalans kept up well and could have won the game with a little more luck and better exploitation of chances.

In Spain they are struggling with the unfortunate outcome, but at least they draw hope from the game. English media seem to have singled out someone responsible for Barca defeat: Robert Lewandowski! Here is an overview of the national and international press reviews of Bayern-Barca.

Sport1: "FC Bayern Munich will have the upper hand when they meet again. The Barca striker is unusually negligent in front of the goal."

BILD: "Bayern know how it is WITH Robert Lewandowski. Now Bayern know that it also works AGAINST him! Bayern beat Barcelona 2-0 at home and disenchanted the world footballer when he returned."

Kicker: "FC Bayern Munich once again beat FC Barcelona at home. Barça showed a willingness to play, especially in the first half, but were unlucky. A double strike after the break put the German record champions on the road to victory."

SZ: "FC Bayern is missing a striker like Robert Lewandowski for 45 minutes - then the defender breaks the ban. The 2-0 win against Barcelona makes the start of the Champions League season perfect." "Three minutes is enough for Bayern to win against Barcelona and Lewandowski."

AS: "Eternal nightmare in Munich. The old football law that says 'whoever forgives pays' was applied with maximum severity at Barça in Munich. Such a pity, because this game was eagerly awaited to show the actual performance of the new Barça to judge. Losing seems wrong. It was really strange that Barca went into the break without scoring a goal."

Mundo Deportivo: "Bayern Munich is still the European bogeyman of FC Barcelona. Xavi Hernández's team had Bayern under control in a great first half but left them alive. History repeated itself in Munich, where Barça after seven visits is still winless."

El País: "Barça, having lost in the penalty area, a good first half against a ruthless rival who showed more skill and power after the break is not enough."

Sport: “Barça failed in Munich despite their superiority in the first half. A few minutes of losing the connection after the break meant that history repeated itself and although Xavi's team tried to counteract, there was no longer a chance to make the Nagelsmann men nervous.

El Periódico: "Although Barça improved, they received the same penalty as the earlier inferior version of the team."

Marca: "Barcelona fell again at the Allianz Arena. A classic. However, this time the sensations are different. The team return to Barcelona feeling that they were better and could have won the game."

Gazzetta dello Sport: "Bayern treats Barça like Inter Milan."

Corriere dello Sport: "Bayern regulate Lewandowski's Barça."

The Guardian: "Perhaps the best thing that could be said about Barcelona here is that of all the recent humiliations against Bayern Munich, this was by far the least humiliating."

Daily Mail: "Robert Lewandowski makes an unfortunate return to the Allianz Arena."

The Sun: "The Polish striker joined Barcelona from Bayern Munich this summer after enforcing his exit but looked like he was still playing for his old side as he refused to put the ball in the net of Bayern."

L'Equipe: "Bayern gives Barça a lesson in realism in the Champions League."

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