In office at Sturm Graz: Ilzer new coach candidate at Schalke

A decision on Schalke 04's search for a coach was postponed on Thursday.

In office at Sturm Graz: Ilzer new coach candidate at Schalke

A decision on Schalke 04's search for a coach was postponed on Thursday. Apparently it is about ongoing negotiations with a candidate who is still under contract. That would suit Christian Ilzer, who works for Sturm Graz.

When Schalke 04 competes in the important relegation battle duel at Hertha BSC on Sunday, there will not be a new head coach on the sidelines. As the club announced on Thursday, assistant coach Matthias Kreutzer will then take over on an interim basis.

In the meantime, a decision and announcement was expected during Thursday. But nothing came of it. Apparently also for the reason that previously obvious candidates - like Thomas Reis - were no longer very popular. Those responsible around Rouven Schröder seemed to have to look around again. Therefore, many of the otherwise typical names have already been cleared away in the media.

The image is now opening a new trail in the evening, which is said to lead to Christian Ilzer.

That would also explain why the search is now taking longer than initially thought. After all, the 44-year-old Austrian is still under contract with Sturm Graz. He took over there in the summer of 2020 and had a working paper that was valid until 2024.

Sky reporter Dirk Große Schlarmann reported in the meantime that there would probably still have to be talks about a possible transfer – precisely because of such a contractual situation.

Also suitable: Ilzer will play with Graz at RB Salzburg on Saturday. Understandable if he doesn't thwart the preparations and suddenly wants to leave for Gelsenkirchen. So he still takes responsibility at the weekend, while S04 relies on Kreutzer. Then both parties could come together.

So it is quite conceivable that there are potentially started talks with Ilzer. At least the course of the search for a trainer would fit in this way.

In view of the financial necessity of having to compensate Graz: According to the Bild report, Schröder looked for the cheapest possible way to part with Frank Kramer.

His monthly salary of 60,000 euros does not have to be paid by the end of his contract in 2024. Instead, a one-time settlement of 450,000 euros is due. At the current time, this corresponds to a saving of around 700,000 euros. So the change is at least not quite as expensive as initially feared.

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