Handball: Encouragement for EM: DHB men win against Egypt

Germany's handball players were celebrated on a lap of honor by enthusiastic fans for the successful European Championship test run against Egypt.

Handball: Encouragement for EM: DHB men win against Egypt

Germany's handball players were celebrated on a lap of honor by enthusiastic fans for the successful European Championship test run against Egypt.

With the 28:27 (17:12) in the second duel with the Olympic fourth-place team, national coach Alfred Gislason's team gained confidence before the upcoming home finals, as did the DHB women, who met against Hungary around three weeks before the World Cup 29:25 (14:9) claimed.

In front of 10,911 spectators in the sold-out Munich Olympic Hall, the German men put on a successful performance over long periods and in many situations indicated their potential for the European Championship finals from January 10th to 28th. The best German throwers were right winger Timo Kastening with eight goals and director Juri Knorr (7).

"The victory is important for us and gives us courage"

"In the first half we had an outstanding defense and strong wings. After the change I was a little disappointed with our defensive work. We also missed a few balls up front," Gislason summed up after the rollercoaster of emotions.

Captain Johannes Golla was happy about the happy ending, for whom the success was the right gift for his 26th birthday. "I'm particularly happy with the first half. The win is important for us and gives us courage," said the pivot. Kastining also drew a positive conclusion: “We are happy to have made this game a success.” However, the top German thrower warned: “We still have a lot to do and have to keep working on ourselves so that we can be in top shape in January.”

Späth becomes an acclaimed match winner

Goalkeeper David Späth became the match winner in the dramatic final phase. "Being substituted in crunch time makes me proud. I wanted to repay this trust with performance. I'm glad that I managed to do that quite well," said the U21 world champion.

After his successful international debut last Friday in the 31:31 draw in the first duel with the African champions, Späth was allowed between the posts of the German goal from the start this time.

However, the 21-year-old was initially not a factor because the German team's defense had little access at the beginning and the Egyptians took advantage of the gaps that presented themselves. At least things went better in attack. The DHB team always came to a successful conclusion, especially on the outside.

Five-goal cushion at halftime

In the middle of the first half, the DHB selection managed to break away by three goals for the first time. Golla scored 11:8. Now the defense was also better - and behind it, Späth provided additional security and emotions with a few saves. So we went into the half-time break with a five-goal cushion. “The team is performing great. We are satisfied,” summed up DHB CEO Mark Schober.

After the change, the German team, with oldie Silvio Heinevetter now in goal, remained focused and aggressive. Director Knorr carefully pulled the strings and skillfully showcased his fellow actors again and again. The 23-year-old also distinguished himself as an enforcer for German cup winners Rhein-Necker Löwen. This meant that a secure lead could initially be maintained.

But then errors began to creep in. A good six minutes before the end, Egypt equalized to 25:25. In the final phase, Späth returned to the floor and guaranteed victory with some brilliant deeds.

DHB women also gain self-confidence

The DHB women had previously celebrated their seventh win in a row in the third-to-last World Cup test and gained self-confidence for the tournament in Scandinavia. "It's great that we were able to continue our winning streak. This helps us to develop a confidence in winning games. It was a good performance by the team," praised national coach Markus Gaugisch.

Backcourt player Emily Bölk was the best thrower of the German team with six goals, which will face Japan at the start of the World Cup on November 30th. Other group opponents in the finals in Denmark, Norway and Sweden are Iran and Poland. The DHB selection will play the last two test games against Sweden on November 24th and 26th.