Formula 1: You need to know that about the Dutch Grand Prix

World champion Max Verstappen expects a crazy time in Zandvoort.

Formula 1: You need to know that about the Dutch Grand Prix

World champion Max Verstappen expects a crazy time in Zandvoort. Because the Red Bull driver will contest his home Grand Prix again on Sunday (3 p.m. / Sky) in front of tens of thousands of Oranje fans and wants to get closer to defending the title.

Will Verstappen continue his triumph in the dunes?

Max Verstappen has already won nine of the 14 races of the season - there is no end in sight for the world champion. "It's an ease with which he's currently doing these things, it's indescribable," said Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko about his pupil. The all-time record of 13 wins in one year shared by Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel could fall this season. Verstappen is also the clear favorite in Zandvoort. "It will be great to have my family supporting me," said the Dutchman. "It's going to be pretty crazy." Verstappen made his home fans cheer as early as 2021 when he made his comeback in the dunes after 36 years.

Is Schumacher's Formula 1 future clear?

Many parties emphasize that they have time. First, there is Mick Schumacher's current Haas team. The US racing team has secured the Dane Kevin Magnussen for 2023. The Italian Antonio Giovinazzi is considered a possible successor to Schumacher if the German should be over at the end of this season after two years. Ferrari, whose pupil is the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher, emphasized that it was still too early for a final verdict. The Scuderia has influence at Haas as an engine partner. Mick Schumacher's contract as a youngster at Ferrari is said to expire at the end of this year. That could increase his scope for negotiations with other teams like Alpine or Williams.

Can Ferrari come out of the deep again?

Tifosi and Scuderia hope so too. The declassification in Spa at the first Grand Prix after the summer break hurts the traditional racing team. "We have to try to improve," announced team boss Mattia Binotto, who is under increasing pressure. "I don't think there will be a few miracles next week that we're very close to Red Bull," said Charles Leclerc, who fell third in the World Cup, disillusioned. At the beginning of the season, Monegasque was still considered a promising World Cup challenger. In the development race, however, Red Bull rushed. "I expect Ferrari to be strong here," said world champion Max Verstappen. The warm words sounded like pity for Ferrari.

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