Formula 1: This is also being discussed in the Monza paddock

Italy, Ferrari - that fits.

Formula 1: This is also being discussed in the Monza paddock

Italy, Ferrari - that fits. The enthusiasm is alive. Despite all the setbacks this season.

The Scuderia drives in special livery. And there are justified hopes for at least first place on the grid. But there are also other topics in the paddock at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza.

red with yellow

Ferrari sends Charles Leclerc and teammate Carlos Sainz onto the track in an unfamiliar outfit. The Red Goddess gets some yellow accents. The drivers are in full yellow racing overalls. A throwback to Modena, home of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari.

The future of the honey roof

What happens to Daniel Ricciardo? The 33-year-old Australian is on a farewell tour with McLaren. "If I managed him, he would drive," said record world champion Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes. But Hamilton does not, and so the future of the former Sebastian Vettel conqueror at Red Bull is open. One thing is clear: Ricciardo would be missing with his always heart-warming and rousing grin. Especially his rather idiosyncratic (un)appetizing tradition of drinking the winning drink out of sweaty racing shoes like a year ago in Monza. But it is also clear that the recent performance was anything but a letter of recommendation.

Das 349. Rennen des Fernando Alonso

He is now 41 years old, one thing he is not: Tired of Formula 1. In Monza, Fernando Alonso will equal Kimi Raikkonen's record and contest his 349th race. But it's far from over. The current Alpine driver, world champion in 2005 and 2006, will switch to Aston Martin after this season. 400 races is more than possible for the Spaniard.

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