Formula 1: These are the lessons from the US Grand Prix

The US race delivered again.

Formula 1: These are the lessons from the US Grand Prix

The US race delivered again. Great manoeuvres, full ranks, Formula 1 can move on to the next atmospheric race next weekend in Mexico City with great satisfaction. The titles are now all taken. Nevertheless, the fighting continues.

Red Bull and Verstappen feel unbeatable: you might think anyone can win if everything goes smoothly. Verstappen showed again in Austin that he keeps his nerve even in difficult situations and duped the competition with maturity and skill. Second at the start, first after a few meters and then in the lead for a long time. Dropped behind after a botched pit stop when an impact wrench didn't work as it should. Verstappen started to catch up, struggling with the wind felt more than with rivals like Austin record winner Lewis Hamilton, who was seven seconds ahead of Verstappen.

Red Bull's goal now: to lead Verstappen to 14 plus x wins of the season in the three remaining races so that he can overtake Michael Schumacher (2004) and Sebastian Vettel (2013 - all 13 wins each in one year) in the category .

No doubts about the well-deserved triumph: At the end of a highly emotional weekend, Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff also found words of appreciation for Red Bull's success with verbal poison attacks. After eight titles in a row in the Constructors' World Championship, Mercedes was able to beat Austin in the title fight this year no longer intervene. "Absolutely deserved. They were really ahead everywhere this year," praised Wolff Red Bull and Verstappen.

Back on track shortly before retirement: It was one of the overtaking maneuvers of the race. Shortly before the end, Sebastian Vettel passed Kevin Magnussen in the Haas. Eighth place for the 35-year-old Aston Martin driver in the fourth to last Formula 1 race of his career. And the freestyle for driver of the day. 18.4 percent of the fans voted for Vettel, 18 percent for Hamilton. The racer "totally" got through to him again, said Vettel, even if it was of course a bit about the golden pineapple. He was "full of adrenaline".

Mick Schumacher without luck: only 15. Not enough when it comes to the clear demands of the Haas team bosses. Things looked really good for the 23-year-old for a long time. But his car was broken, he said, and something was sticking out on the outside. "Our race was almost eaten afterwards," emphasized Mick Schumacher, believing that it was due to the parts on the track after Fernando Alonso's violent rear-end collision in the Alpine with Lance Stroll's Aston Martin. He does not give up his confidence in the fight for a contract for the coming year: "I think the team knows what I can do."

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