Formula 1: "sloppiness" at Ferrari - Rosberg etches against Scuderia

After another memorable Ferrari fiasco, Mattia Binotto also had to deal with Nico Rosberg.

Formula 1: "sloppiness" at Ferrari - Rosberg etches against Scuderia

After another memorable Ferrari fiasco, Mattia Binotto also had to deal with Nico Rosberg. The former world champion is also a TV commentator on the side and after the curious Formula 1 episode in Zandvoort recommended that the Scuderia provide a breath of fresh air among the employees.

"We won't change people, that's a direct answer to Rosberg," said Binotto after the Dutch Grand Prix. After all, in Formula 1 "stability is so important. We have great people in the team, we are a great team. I have no doubt about that."

Forgot a wheel during the pit stop

Maybe not Binotto. However, the number of doubters is likely to grow, not least in Italy. Charles Leclerc finally raced back onto the podium in Max Verstappen's home win on Sunday. However, teammate Carlos Sainz experienced what can happen at Ferrari when things are already going badly.

The mechanics forgot a wheel at the Spaniard's first pit stop. It felt like an eternity of more than twelve seconds before Sainz was able to accelerate again - with four wheels. The call for a tire change came late, Binotto defended the mechanics.

An impact wrench also remained lying around, and Verstappen's Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez drove over it. Sainz then got a time penalty because he is said to have endangered another car in the pit lane.

"Everything that could go against us also went against us," said Sainz fatalistically after eighth place. "We were just always in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Something has to change at Ferrari

Former Mercedes man Rosberg marveled at the next quirky Ferrari performance just a week before the emotional home game in Monza. "Even Formula 2 or Formula 3 teams do a better job with their strategy and their pit stops than Ferrari," etched the 2016 world champion. "At a certain point you have to start making some fundamental changes."

Rosberg is not entirely wrong. Something has to change at Ferrari. A racing team that was a serious challenger for Verstappen and Red Bull at the beginning of the season has now and then become something that Sebastian Vettel had to experience during his time at the Scuderia: a laughingstock. Driving mistakes, failing technology, strategy glitches: Ferrari has a lot to offer again this year.

"Ferrari has lost the rhythm"

The "Corriere dello Sport" in Italy wrote of "sloppiness". "La Stampa" judged: "Ferrari has lost its rhythm. In qualifying they still scurry through, but in the race the defects appear without a reason or a solution." And the "Corriere della Sera" found: "Ferrari in red was powerless to the point that you thought the cavallino rampante (prancing horse) had lost the canter rhythm in the race".

In a chronically agitated environment, Binotto tries to remain calm. Jean Todt, who shaped an era at the Scuderia with Michael Schumacher, has long been considered a possible successor for him. "It took all the teams years and experience to be up front," insisted Binotto: "There's no reason why it should be any different for us."

Will it be better in Monza? "I'm really looking forward to going there. We always have a lot of support," said Leclerc sounding confident and then added much less confident: "Unfortunately, our performance on paper will be a bit more difficult there than this weekend. "

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