Football saying of the year 2022: The 11 nominated sayings

Every year, the German Academy for Football Culture awards the prize for the football saying of the year.

Football saying of the year 2022: The 11 nominated sayings

Every year, the German Academy for Football Culture awards the prize for the football saying of the year. In 2022, eleven sayings, some of which are already legendary, have been nominated again. The winner gets 5,000 euros, which should go to a charitable purpose.

We show you the eleven nominated sayings. To vote, go here.

"I find it so outstanding to play in front of spectators again. You smelled the sausages and saw the beer. For me, that's pure football romance."

The Leverkusen keeper skilfully expressed his joy at the fans' return to the stadiums after the corona pandemic. And must have spoken from the soul of many.

"Ed Sheeran did something I've rarely seen: People went home from the stadium happy after an event at Schalke."

Real Madrid's midfield strategist teased the miners after an Ed Sheeran concert at the Veltins Arena.

"It's 2022. Women and men should be paid equally. This also applies to sport, especially national teams."

The Chancellor got involved in the equal pay debate during the women's European Championship this summer. Background: The men's national team would have received a multiple of the premium for the 2021 European Championship title than the DFB women did a year later.

"A football game is not an event. If it's an event, something is wrong. I don't like events."

The Freiburg cult coach does not mince his words. And that's why the fans love him too. With this saying probably all the more.

"Women's football, men's football. It's a football."

The national player makes it clear that football is for everyone. And the terms 'men' and 'women' football are also unnecessary.

"1 minute against climate change? Enjoy 90 min air conditioning in Qatar!"

At the cup game in Elversberg, the Werkself supporters presented a poster with this inscription on the DFB's "Climate Protection Campaign Day". All games were therefore kicked off a minute late. At the upcoming World Cup, there shouldn't be such a "action day"...

"I'm actually ashamed of it. What my parents made in three years, I made in a month."

After his active professional career, the former BVB defender gave up football and prefers to take care of the water supply in Africa.

"You've had 90 minutes to think of sensible questions, and then you ask me two shitty questions."

Toni Kroos again. After his fifth (!) triumph in the Champions League, ZDF reporter Nils Kaben thought he had to ask a critical question right after the final whistle. Didn't find Toni funny at all.

"The more technology, the better. Because then technology can overrule technology."

The Schalke coach in a sarcastic undertone to VAR, goal-line technology and Co. A false alarm of the goal-line technology had previously been corrected.

We footballers should earn so well from the 2nd league that nobody has to work part-time anymore.

The national player is campaigning for better pay - across the board in the 1st and 2nd women's Bundesliga.

"Choreo is canceled today, they drank the money on the rise!"

The supporters of Bremer SV held up this creative banner during the cup duel against Schalke.

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