European Championship: That still speaks for Germany's U21

Only a small football miracle helps Germany's U21 national team.

European Championship: That still speaks for Germany's U21

Only a small football miracle helps Germany's U21 national team. In order to get the first EM preliminary round knockout after a point from two games. been averted since 2013, coach Antonio Di Salvo's team needs a win against England today (6:00 p.m. CEST/Sat.1).

At the same time, the team must hope for Israel's success against the Czech Republic, in which Germany retain the better goal difference over Israel. "I believe in it because anything is possible in football," said Di Salvo. But what still speaks for his team before the group final?

Englands B-Elf

For the co-favorites for the European Championship title, it's no longer about anything against Germany. The team is already sure of reaching the quarter-finals and winning the group. It is therefore expected that coach Lee Carsley will rotate vigorously and give many substitutes a chance. Germany's chances could increase against an uncoordinated B-Elf.

Especially now

Germany's young footballers do not want to say goodbye to the European Championship stage without their own win and only two goals. "There is still a little hope, we will give everything for that," said Martel. If Germany were eliminated with just one point, the record would be even worse than in the last preliminary round in 2013. At that time, the team under Rainer Adrion still managed to win one and three points.


England's squad has the second highest market value at this EURO. Thanks to the great offensive power, the Young Lions naturally play a completely different kind of football than their previous German opponents, Israel and the Czech Republic. While Di Salvo's team struggled to create chances against the deep defenses, they should at least open up more space against England. This could accommodate the DFB-Elf.


This is undoubtedly present in the German squad despite numerous failures. Even against Israel and the Czech Republic there should have been victories in the end. The team has already proven that Germany can keep up with England's youngsters. Last year, the German U21s took the lead in a friendly and unfortunately lost 3-1.


For Israel there is also a lot at stake in the group's parallel game against the Czech Republic. If they win against the nominally weaker Czechs, the Israelis still have a chance of reaching the quarter-finals for the first time. Compared to Israel, Germany also has the better goal difference and also the possible other decisive criteria of fair play rating and UEFA ranking on its side.