Disagreements at VfB settled: Sven Mislintat open to contract extension

The management team at VfB Stuttgart has spoken out.

Disagreements at VfB settled: Sven Mislintat open to contract extension

The management team at VfB Stuttgart has spoken out. After the unfortunate communication surrounding the entry of a trio of ex-players, the disagreements are said to have been put aside. Sports director Sven Mislintat is still open to a contract extension.

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Without the knowledge of Sven Mislintat, VfB Stuttgart recently presented Sami Khedira, Philipp Lahm and Christian Gentner. While the former will act as consultants, Gentner will strengthen the Swabians as head of the license player department.

A step that was celebrated by the VfB bosses, but which also caused irritation. Above all with sports director Sven Mislintat. Board boss Alexander Wehrle admitted to errors in communication. But how far-reaching are these errors?

It is certain that Mislintat's contract in Stuttgart will expire next summer. Many fans want the "Diamond Eye" to stay. An online petition has even been launched.

The waves were apparently smoothed out in the background. Last Wednesday there was a discussion between Mislintat and Wehrle, the sports director can well imagine a contract extension. He "definitely" wants to extend his contract. It should also be about a promotion to the sports director: "That's part of the talks, I'll think about it," said Mislintat (via kicker).

He repeated that the title itself did not play a decisive role for him: "I don't care if it's sports director or sports director. It just has to fit. The extension as sports director is enough for me if everything fits together and the talks end well."

There will be no quick decision. Intensive talks should only be taken up during the World Cup break. "There's no football there, we can sit down, go through everything properly and find a result relatively quickly," said Mislintat. And added that it would be good to "focus on football and results" until then.

In view of five draws and two bankruptcies at the start of the Bundesliga season, that would also be urgently needed.

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