Criticism of Hansi Flick: Is the DFB coach too afraid of conflict?

Hansi Flick's magic has faded a little.

Criticism of Hansi Flick: Is the DFB coach too afraid of conflict?

Hansi Flick's magic has faded a little. The DFB coach, who celebrated great successes at FC Bayern, has not yet been able to give the national team a new shine. Instead, the next big debacle seems to be just two days away. According to BILD information, Flick is accused internally of being too nice and avoiding conflicts too much.

Has Hansi Flick no longer wanted to have conflicts after his quarrel from Bayern days with Hasan Salihamidzic? It looks a little like it. Even before the tournament, the national coach gave up the well-known opinionated Mats Hummels, who always put his finger in the wound. The BVB defender could have caused unrest in the team, but could also clearly address grievances. Flick chose the easy way and didn't take Hummels with him. This is still understandable to a certain extent, since the veteran player lacks the pace for patch football.

Far less understanding can be found for the replacement of Ilkay Gündogan. The goal scorer to make it 1-0 in the meantime was the best DFB player on the field and was still taken off after a good hour. Leon Goretzka, who surprisingly only sat on the bench, came in for the Manchester City star. Substituting Gündogan then gave the impression that Flick wanted to put the Bavarian professional to rest. According to BILD information, there was talk of a “change of harmony” in the team. However, conflict avoidance is not the first civic duty of a DFB coach who has to focus his actions on success.

Hansi Flick also took the easy route with Joshua Kimmich. Despite the huge problems of the DFB-Elf in the right-back position, the DFB coach built on his preferred position in central midfield. After all, Flick and Kimmich are said to have discussed in advance that the player should also play on the right back in an emergency. That emergency now seems to have come against Spain. Overall, against the men from the Iberian Peninsula, they need a more aggressive display. After the Japan game, Flick initially analyzed the defeat soberly and did not let it come to thunderstorms. Maybe that's the only thing that can help the team now.

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