Coman fades in the Bayern offensive: Nagelsmann knows the reasons

Kingsley Coman has had a very mediocre season so far.

Coman fades in the Bayern offensive: Nagelsmann knows the reasons

Kingsley Coman has had a very mediocre season so far. The Frenchman was repeatedly thrown back by interruptions and is probably the weakest Bayern offensive player of the first half of the season. Now Julian Nagelsmann has commented on the Munich problem child.

The season got off to a bad start for Kingsley Coman before it even started. The winger dragged a suspension from the previous season into the new season and had to watch from the stands as his opponents ran at full speed. Although the Frenchman came back strongly with an outstanding game against VfL Bochum, that was almost all that was outstanding from Coman this season. After scoring four points against VfL, the winger only managed one more in the league and in the Champions League. This was partly due to the fact that the 26-year-old kept losing his rhythm. First he missed a few games because of a torn muscle fiber before he maneuvered himself offside with his yellow-red card against Dortmund. Other offensive players are currently clearly ahead, which is why Coman only has the joker role. After coming on as a substitute, however, he often only attracted attention with weak crosses. In one-on-one there is still a visible lack of self-confidence and the last bit of liveliness.

For Julian Nagelsmann, Coman's small form slump does not come as a surprise. "In the last few weeks he has had muscular problems again and again - muscle hardening and cramps. That's probably why he wasn't in the best shape," he defended his protégé as part of the PK. Coman also knows "that he can play better than now." Now it's about "feeling the maximum freshness in his muscles", because in this case "he would be irreplaceable for us". Coman was the most consistent Munich winger last season and Nagelsmann never tired of emphasizing exactly that . But now you have to ask yourself who the Frenchman can oust at all. If you take the performance principle as an occasion, then most likely Mané or the currently injured Müller. However, the two experienced offensive players also have a rock in the coach's board. Exciting battles for positions and long faces await us when we face the really big chunks in the Champions League next year. One or the other star could surprisingly find themselves on the bench.

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