Champions League: To the delight of Gast Haller: BVB masters the first task

Sébastien Haller obviously had fun too.

Champions League: To the delight of Gast Haller: BVB masters the first task

Sébastien Haller obviously had fun too. Wearing a black and yellow scarf, the new BVB signing applauded his new team's impressive 3-0 (2-0) win at the Champions League opener against FC Copenhagen. On his first visit to the stadium since his tumor operation, the goalscorer was greeted with an ovation by the fans.

The emotional reception in front of the Dortmund European Cup record crowd of 70,700 spectators a few minutes before kick-off also affected veteran Marco Reus: "When we arrived before the game, you saw him on the screen, I got goosebumps because the fans cheered."

BVB captain Reus contributed to the fact that Haller should have felt well entertained. The national player, known as a 1-0 specialist, broke through the Copenhagen bulwark with his goal in the 35th minute after a fine pass from Julian Brandt and took away the uncertainty from his team. "The way he has led the way in the last few games is outstanding. That's how we imagine our captain, and he's welcome to continue like that," enthused coach Edin Terzic.

Reus is happy: "We won the must-win game"

Raphael Guerreiro's rapid 2-0 lead just seven minutes later paved the way for an important mandatory victory, which provides a cushion before the difficult trips to Manchester City and Sevilla FC. "First and foremost, I'm happy that we won this must-win game," commented Reus on Amazon Prime Video.

Despite the ongoing injury curse, Borussia have been surprisingly stable in the past three games against Hertha BSC (1-0), Hoffenheim (1-0) and Copenhagen. After Thorgan Hazard's muscle injury, the fifth striker is out. The fact that goalkeeper Gregor Kobel signed off with a torn muscle fiber before kick-off made sense. But both Hazard representative Giovanni Reyna, who prepared the goals from Guerreiro and Jude Bellingham (83rd), and Kobel replacement Alexander Meyer fitted in brilliantly.

The keeper, who was signed by the second division club Regensburg, looked back on his Champions League debut with bright eyes. Above all, the full south stand, where standing room was allowed for international games for the first time since 1998, left a powerful impression on him: "To stand in front of the south, there is nothing bigger. It was an outstanding day that I will never forget. "

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