BVB bankruptcy at Union: Adeyemi's statements give a deep insight

Borussia Dortmund is very frustrated with the disappointing results and performance.

BVB bankruptcy at Union: Adeyemi's statements give a deep insight

Borussia Dortmund is very frustrated with the disappointing results and performance. But apparently not all players are aware of their weak performances.

BVB is going through a phase that is not really appropriate for a club of its size and with such ambitions. Black and Yellow have only won two of their last eight competitive games – to be honest, most BVB fans were hardly surprised that Union suffered their fourth defeat of the current Bundesliga season on Sunday. After all, it was one of those games that Dortmund have been losing regularly for years. Against an unpleasant, aggressive opponent who doesn't pee his pants in front of BVB.

Edin Terzic wanted to counter the pithy game of the Irons with a line-up that was also strong in one-on-one combat: With Meunier, Süle, Hummels, Schlotterbeck, Özcan, Bellingham and Can, he fielded seven players who were physically robust and not children of sadness. But the plan didn't work - also because BVB once again stood in its own way.

Again and again, sloppiness and stupid duel behavior led to goals being conceded, which leads to the conclusion that some Borussia players do not seem to be aware of the seriousness of the situation. It's no coincidence that Mats Hummels, who had regularly complained about his team's carelessness and stupid behavior in the previous weeks, complained after the final whistle against Union: "Sometimes a simple 20-meter back pass is better, even if it's not on Social Media is coming."

"We can see at 2-0 in which areas risk is appropriate and when not. When to send and when not," he criticized in the direction of Karim Adeyemis, without naming his name. It was the youngster who started the second goal with an unnecessary back-heel.

Of course, one can (rightly!) claim that such mistakes can always happen. Especially a young player like Adeyemi, who is only in his second real professional season. You can only expect that the player will then have a certain insight in order to be able to learn from it and do it better next time.

With Adeyemi, however, that is not the case, as it seems. At DAZN, the attacker explained that he could not understand the criticism: "No, I wouldn't say it now." Instead of blaming himself, he blamed Edin Terzic's new system - who had switched to a back three against Union - as a possible reason for the defeat: "Today we played a different formation, maybe that's why."

You don't really need to know more these days to understand why BVB is so behind the demands. If the 30 million euro (!) king transfer of the summer brings such a mentality and would rather question the system of the coach than his own performance, Sebastian Kehl and Co. still have a lot of work to do. And Adeyemi would do well to understand that BVB and the German Bundesliga are different than Salzburg and the Austrian league.

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