Bundesliga: Werner stumbles into luck - Leipzig in the title race

The redeeming goal in stumbling somehow suited Timo Werner after torturous weeks.

Bundesliga: Werner stumbles into luck - Leipzig in the title race

The redeeming goal in stumbling somehow suited Timo Werner after torturous weeks.

"Absolute dream goal, I think," said the international with a smile. After 374 minutes, the 26-year-old ended his goal drought and shot RB Leipzig back into the Bundesliga title race with his opening goal in the 2-1 win over Eintracht Frankfurt.

"Leipzig has the quality to get even closer. Timo Werner played a top game and his speed is dangerous for any defense," DFB sporting director Rudi Völler praised the national player on Bild-TV the day after. "He's in good shape!"

Scoring and preparing goals - Werner's job

"I've had his back often enough, there's no reason to praise him too much," said RB head coach Marco Rose. He simply asks him "to score and prepare goals, use his speed and be able to make the difference somewhere".

Against Frankfurt, after his opening goal after a through pass from Emil Forsberg ("I somehow lose my balance and in the end I just tried to somehow get the ball past Kevin Trapp"), Werner put the Swede up in the best way for the 2-0.

Werner will be measured by goals and assists - already on Friday (8.30 p.m.) in the top game in Dortmund. It is also Rose's return to his former place of work after celebrating a dream debut as RB coach against Borussia on September 10, 2022 with a 3-0 win.

Werner admits: "Need a kick in the butt"

Coach Rose is also a factor in Werner's success after the "hard time" at Chelsea, where he "ultimately just wanted to leave" after two years. "He's fully behind me, I need that," said a visibly relaxed Werner in the catacombs of the Red Bull Arena. At the same time, the striker revealed a surprising amount about his inner workings. "I think I'm not always the easiest character either. He gave me that I need a kick in the butt from time to time, he gives it to me and he will give it to me," said Werner.

Even the coach had to sneer: "If he sees it that way for himself, then it's probably like that, then he can have it." Rose knows that his lightning-fast striker always needs a dose of trust. "He's welcome to have the feel-good factor, but on the other hand he has to deliver."

The striker has only recently been free of pain

It is only now becoming clear how much pressure Werner put on himself after losing the World Cup because of a tear in the syndesmosis ligament in his left ankle. He was fit again quickly, "because I pushed myself a bit with the game against Munich," he said. But then came the pain.

"It wasn't ideal for the foot, the injury itself wasn't the problem, it was more the construction sites around the foot like the Achilles' heel," said Werner, who was "totally limited, especially when sprinting". Now he is finally pain free. "I noticed in the last few games that I was much more lively and agile."

Werner's pain confession even surprised his coach. "Timo was probably in a chatting mood?" he asked and admitted not having known anything about it. "He will have told the doctors and physiotherapists that. Some things don't have to get through to me, if he's on the field and running at the weekend, then that's okay with me," said the coach, who is now facing a revitalized Borussia .