Bundesliga: Kahn's announcement - Musiala is Bayern's "key player"

Oliver Kahn declared the appropriate classification of the pressure situation, which was easily mastered, to be a top priority.

Bundesliga: Kahn's announcement - Musiala is Bayern's "key player"

Oliver Kahn declared the appropriate classification of the pressure situation, which was easily mastered, to be a top priority. The Bayern boss did not want to downplay part one of the Munich crisis management in the Bundesliga against the alarmingly helpless Leverkusen, but he also did not want to exaggerate it.

And that's why, after the 4-0 (3-0) win in the Allianz Arena, the CEO gave clear instructions to the star ensemble around the amazing football magician Jamal Musiala, while the brass band played in the background for the successful Wiesn home win.

"Of course it was extremely important that the team pulled out of it," said Kahn. And then warning sentences followed: "It was a first step in the right direction. But I think we are all well advised not to hang that too high."

Focus on Pilsen and BVB

The previous phase with four league games without a win was superfluous for Kahn: "You can see that when the team is focused and everyone is ready to do their job one hundred percent, then the boys don't have to worry too much. But this one counts attitude game after game." Already on Tuesday in the Champions League against Viktoria Pilsen and much more next Saturday in the big showdown with Borussia Dortmund. "We want to continue like this and go to Dortmund with a good feeling," said captain Manuel Neuer.

After a performance that was Bayern-like again and was crowned by four offensive player goals by Leroy Sané, Musiala, Sadio Mané and Thomas Müller, everyone at FC Bayern was able to blow through - including Julian Nagelsmann. "That was important from a personal point of view, for the club, for the team," summed up the 35-year-old: "It was a good reaction to the results recently. Nagelsmann had really experienced for the first time during the international break the impact of a sporting imbalance at FC Bayern can develop just for a coach. He found the excitement - especially about him - exaggerated. "We didn't play so many bad games, that's the bizarre thing about the situation," he said.

In the ARD interview, the still-learning football teacher complained about public populism. "You have to try to work on solutions and not just trumpet things polemically and paint the days black." But young star Musiala had already noticed a tense Nagelsmann: "There was pressure on the coach."

Musiala shines

The 19-year-old national player was responsible for the loss of pressure at the start of seven powerful weeks with a total of 13 competitive games. Musiala dribbled and tricked to her heart's content, was involved in three goals as a scorer or passer and delighted the 75,000 spectators. Even Mahner Kahn didn't say "Yes, but" at Musiala, but pure enthusiasm: "Jamal shows from game to game what he's made of. He manages to get to his top performance level game after game. He's the one who gives us a lot of joy at the moment."

Captain Neuer even named Musiala a "key player" for FC Bayern and the German national team. "He is often responsible for crucial situations." It is remarkable that the youngster suddenly comes to the fore verbally. "We were really hungry. We wanted to show what we can do," said the man of the evening. Suddenly he even spoke words in the Kahn style: "Don't put it back now, that's important! We have to bring the same hunger, the same energy into the next games."

Mane meets again

Musiala is emerging as a leader who also wants and should be veteran striker Mané on the pitch. The fact that the 30-year-old was able to end his week-long goal drought - incidentally thanks to a pass from Musiala - was "a liberating moment" not only for the Senegalese, as Nagelsmann happily stated. "Yes, you suffer with him," said Kahn to Mané: "He's such a great guy. He works a lot. It was a special pleasure for us that he scored the goal."

Musiala brilliant, Mané happy, Nagelsmann happy - Bayern have reported back. "Sure, we found ourselves in a bad situation - and that was a first step out of it," said substitute Leon Goretzka. Leverkusen's Kerem Demirbay put it this way, looking at the dreary Bayer situation, which is threatening for coach Gerardo Seoane: "I would also like to be in a crisis like Bayern's with my team."

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