Bundesliga: "Get continuity": Rose replaces Tedesco in Leipzig

Marco Rose wore the central message when he took office on the black T-shirt.

Bundesliga: "Get continuity": Rose replaces Tedesco in Leipzig

Marco Rose wore the central message when he took office on the black T-shirt. "There is no victory without risk," it read.

The sentence not only fits perfectly with the philosophy of the new RB Leipzig coach, but even more so with his first three games. This is how it is in the Bundesliga against his former clubs Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach. And because it's so nice, you can occasionally compete in the Champions League with defending champions Real Madrid.

In terms of the program, Rose could have made it easier for himself and only started his position with the cup winners, which was limited until June 2024, after the international break at the beginning of October. "It's not about when the time is right for me to look good," said the 45-year-old. Rather, he wants to get started immediately after his departure in Dortmund in May: "I've had three months off now, so I can deal with stress quite well."

Rose: "The squad isn't that big"

Rose was well rested and in a good mood on Thursday morning in Leipzig next to club boss Oliver Mintzlaff. When judging the team, the Leipzig native teased his predecessor Domenico Tedesco, who was on leave on Wednesday. "The squad isn't very big," Rose said. "It will be exciting to see how we get through the next intense weeks." Tedesco had attached great importance to a small squad in order to give all players enough playing time and a good mood.

A new era is dawning under Rose. Also symbolic. Mintzlaff wants to have the larger-than-life replica of the DFB Cup in front of the club headquarters, which is reminiscent of Tedesco's and Leipzig's greatest success, dismantled as soon as possible. "The big thing is going away now, so everyone knows it's our bread-and-butter business again," said the 47-year-old. Means: Finish at least fourth in the Bundesliga and reach the round of 16 in the premier class.

It's on Rose's medium-term to-do list. But after the wear and tear of two coaches within nine months, Mintzlaff also emphasized that the new coach should bring continuity to the club. Rose is "the perfect fit because it is congruent with our principles". The coach should play fast, dynamic and attractive football again. The bosses had long since tired of the sluggish cross attachment under Tedesco. A development, as Mintzlaff emphasized, that was already dissatisfying during the successful second half of the season.

First talks after the Frankfurt debacle

On Saturday, Mintzlaff and Rose phoned each other for the first time after the 4-0 defeat in Frankfurt. After the 4-1 draw against Donetsk, the manager called again late on Tuesday evening and the coach he was courting accepted. Everything that was important to Rose was clarified with the family. "I have a very high identification with my city. A few things will change now. I will be measured by results," said Rose. People will approach him or his daughter will be approached at school.

The new man on the line definitely has a bonus. Even with the sometimes impatient boss. "Even if we start with two losses, I'm not going to talk about a crappy start in the mixed zone," said Mintzlaff. With those words he commented on Tedesco's season opener with two draws and only got the coaching discussion going.

Mintzlaff now emphasized that he had "no expectations for the three games. We weren't looking for a fireman, but a coach who would get the quality out of the team that it has." He also spoke to the players on Wednesday after Tedesco's exit: "I held the team accountable and told them that the dismissal was also on their account. My expectations are now a reaction from the team."

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