Bundesliga: Füllkrug beheads Bremen into happiness and towards the World Cup

"World class," marveled Milos Veljkovic.

Bundesliga: Füllkrug beheads Bremen into happiness and towards the World Cup

"World class," marveled Milos Veljkovic. "Really amazing," enthused Amos Pieper. Niclas Füllkrug not only enchants his teammates from Werder Bremen, national coach Hansi Flick should hardly be able to avoid the 29-year-old striker.

With a powerful header, the World Cup candidate decided the game between Werder Bremen and Hertha BSC five minutes before the end. His chance of participating in the World Cup in Kater from December 20th to 18th should not have gotten any worse - on the contrary.

"Of course I know which lists I'm on," said the top scorer in the Bundesliga with nine goals. The Bremen player continues to keep secret whether he is on the provisional squad list of the DFB. "Of course I know where I'm at, and that's good. And we'll see where it leads in the end. The decision isn't mine, so I can't express any wishes," explained Füllkrug.

"Madness, an unbelievable timing"

In the 1-0 win against Hertha BSC on Friday evening, the striker once again demonstrated his extra qualities in the header. With the late winning goal, the Werder pro spiraled high into the air and headed the ball into the Berlin goal with a kind of arc lamp. "I've rarely seen anyone jump so high," said Bremen defender Pieper. "Incredible, unbelievable timing. An unbelievable quality to have such tension in the air."

Füllkrug not only ended his goal drought that lasted three competitive games, but also headed promoted Werder Bremen back into the top half of the table after three defeats in a row. Worn by the once again decisive player: filling jug. With the offensive player, the Hanseatic League surprised with 18 points after twelve matches after the Bundesliga return. "Winning an evening game like this here in the Weser Stadium and just before the end is always the best feeling," said Füllkrug.

Abundance has an exceptional header game

His strong season is not a coincidence. "He sets an example," said Pieper. With extra shifts after training, Füllkrug keeps himself safe while some of his colleagues are already in the dressing room. "If the ball hits his head in training, it's 95 percent a goal. I've rarely seen it that way," said Pieper. "It is well known that abundance has an exceptional header game," added coach Ole Werner.

Within a year, Füllkrug went from being a potential departure candidate for a second division club to a top scorer for a Bundesliga club. The World Cup is in sight, but according to the Bremen native, it is only of marginal interest at the moment. He only looks at Schalke 04 and maybe the next step towards Qatar. "My wish is to score again next week," said the attacker.

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