Bundesliga: BVB and Union challenge Bayern in a three-way battle for the title

Marco Reus wants to "dance on this wave" with BVB for a while, but doesn't spit out any big tones.

Bundesliga: BVB and Union challenge Bayern in a three-way battle for the title

Marco Reus wants to "dance on this wave" with BVB for a while, but doesn't spit out any big tones. When asked about the exciting title race, Robin Knoche from the eternal underdog Union Berlin looked even more tormented.

And for once, nothing was heard from FC Bayern after the 21st matchday. At this point in the season, three teams in the Bundesliga are tied with 43 points: this has never happened before. The last third of the season promises to finally become a football thriller again. Especially since another trio in SC Freiburg (40 points), RB Leipzig (39) and Eintracht Frankfurt (38) is still within striking distance.

BVB does not want to “weaken”

All candidates write the screenplay in their own way. While FC Bayern is busy with its own sensitivities and primarily those of its coach Julian Nagelsmann, the pursuers Borussia Dortmund and Union Berlin, who are level on points after the 21st matchday, downplay the historically exciting three-way battle for the championship trophy. "That's not our issue at all. We don't want to weaken," said BVB coach Edin Terzic after the sixth league win in the sixth game this year. Battle announcements sound different.

It sounds very similar in Berlin-Köpenick, where people basically present themselves as notorious outsiders. "That's not an issue for us," said Union defense chief Knoche categorically. At a team meeting, the Irons have just agreed with their coach Urs Fischer on qualifying for the European Cup as a goal for the season - as the official language rule.

Be there when Bayern falter. That was the mantra of the competition, which has been clearly and sometimes very clearly distanced from Munich for a decade. Now Bayern are weakening, the competition is there, but doesn't dare verbally leave the corner. "It's not about communicating a goal for the media and the public. First and foremost, we're doing it for ourselves," said Union coach Fischer.

Fischer relaxed - Nagelsmann thin-skinned

It's easy for the Swiss to talk. While he was able to celebrate his 57th birthday with the family who had traveled to Berlin after the 0-0 defeat against Schalke 04 on Monday, his Munich colleague Nagelsmann would do quite well with an inner retreat on the subject of impulse control. In the referee Zoff with referee Tobials Welz ("softened pack"), the Bayern coach has not revealed himself as thin-skinned for the first time. Mia san mia with a difference.

The competition from Prussia and Westphalia is more sovereign. The "Bild" newspaper filled the Bavarian broadcast break with the news that the Munich pros slipped through the fingers of the 3-2 defeat in Mönchengladbach on a Tuesday planned by Nagelsmann. How annoying for the star ensemble. Manuel Neuer debate, the Thomas Müller role - the people of Munich pulverize their strength in side scenes anyway.

"The decisive thing is that we're up front after the game next Sunday," Joshua Kimmich analyzed the situation of Bayern, who are only ahead thanks to their goal difference of 40 compared to BVB (17) and Union (11).

In 1970 - still with the two-point rule - three teams, the later champions Borussia Mönchengladbach, 1. FC Köln and Hertha BSC, were tied after 21 games. However, the comparison lags - due to catch-up games, not all three clubs had the same count at the same time.

Dortmund submits against Hoffenheim

Dortmund can beat TSG Hoffenheim on Saturday (3:30 p.m. / Sky) and pass them. With the direct duel between Bayern and Union on Sunday (5.30 p.m. / DAZN), the schedule has a dramaturgical amuse-gueule ready. Nervous in Berliners? At least don't show them.

"Just like every other game. We try to bring our virtues onto the pitch and try to take something with us," said Knoche, who speaks just as calmly as he defends. "Somehow we'll manage." Before the Bayern summit, the Irons are still up against Ajax Amsterdam on Thursday (9 p.m. / RTL) for the club’s historic entry into the round of 16 of the Europa League.

"We all want titles and that's why we play football," said Reus. In the end - say on May 27th - you will "see what comes of it," said the Dortmund captain about the prospect of the first championship trophy since 2012. At BVB they know that even a clear lead over Bayern in the spring is not a guarantee for championship honors in May. In 2019 you were five points ahead at the same time and won nothing. So why fall into euphoria when there is a tie?

Munich also have the advantage of still receiving the competition in the Allianz Arena. BVB has to go to Munich at the beginning of April, but will play at home against Union a week later. After that you will be smarter. Leipzig also have to travel to Bavaria on the penultimate day of the game. It cannot be ruled out that the Saxons could still be fourth in the title three-way battle. They just don't talk about it in Leipzig (yet).