Bundesliga: Bochum separates from Reis – Butscher initially takes over

VfL Bochum has separated from coach Thomas Reis.

Bundesliga: Bochum separates from Reis – Butscher initially takes over

VfL Bochum has separated from coach Thomas Reis. After six defeats in a row at the start of the Bundesliga season, the 48-year-old is no longer responsible for the Revierclub team with immediate effect.

The former professional Heiko Butscher is to take over on an interim basis. The 42-year-old was last in charge of the VfL U19s. "We urgently need to find solutions to improve the very difficult sporting situation and at the same time ignore issues that have a negative impact on it," said sports director Patrick Fabian on Monday. "Heiko Butscher has agreed to take over the team on an interim basis. At the same time, we are working on finding a successor for the head coaching position."

Not only the sporting crisis had recently depressed the mood at the traditional club, which was still strong last season. Bochum and Reis had not been able to agree in the summer on an extension of the coach's contract, which expires in 2023. In addition, rumors and media reports increased the unrest that Reis was considering a move to Ruhr area rivals FC Schalke 04 before the season. Reis had denied this before the 3-1 defeat at Schalke on Saturday evening.

Reis put in strong performances last season

VfL then struggled with the decision for a long time. "It should be clear to everyone that this decision is not easy for us. Thomas Reis has a connection to the club and the city that goes beyond the successful past three years," continued Fabian. Reis had held various coaching positions at Bochum for many years before taking over the professional team as head coach in 2019. Reis stabilized the club in the 2nd Bundesliga and rose in 2021 with Bochum. VfL, considered by many experts to be sure of relegation, played a strong season and surprised with victories against Bayern Munich and in Dortmund.

Reis had repeatedly emphasized how difficult the second year after promotion would be. Financially not exactly luxuriously endowed, VfL invested the smallest sum of all 18 first division clubs in transfers. The team has not yet been able to absorb the departures of several top performers. Now a new coach should do it better on Castroper Straße. Next Sunday there is a home game against 1. FC Köln.

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