Borussia Dortmund: restrained BVB dreams - Terzic: "Not finished yet"

Even the place at the top of the table did not lure Edin Terzic out of his reserve.

Borussia Dortmund: restrained BVB dreams - Terzic: "Not finished yet"

Even the place at the top of the table did not lure Edin Terzic out of his reserve. The Dortmund coach left the atmospheric party in front of the trembling yellow wall after the 4-0 gala over Eintracht Frankfurt to his pros - regardless of the Terzic chants from the fans.

Although his team, who were mocked a week ago after the embarrassing 3: 3 in Stuttgart, took advantage of the moment and overtook the staggering record champions from Munich, the coach didn't really seem euphoric.

"I'm very satisfied today, but still not happy," commented the 40-year-old, surprisingly reserved. He didn't seem too comfortable with the rapid change in mood: "I don't want to hear too much praise. We're far from done."

Atmosphere like in title years

Unlike the coach, fans and pros enjoyed the magic of the moment. Even during the game, which was decided early on by goals from Jude Bellingham (19th), Donyell Malen (24th/66th) and Mats Hummels (41st), the atmosphere was like that of the blissful title years under coach Jürgen Klopp. After all, BVB leads the table again for the first time since their last championship season in 2012 at the end of the 29th matchday. Goalkeeper Gregor Kobel returned to the dressing room from the minute-long orgy of celebrations in front of the south stand in the presence of several players' children with bright eyes: "The fact that we are now in first place and have everything in our own hands is an outstanding feeling. That makes us proud."

Not only the clear discussion within the team after the desolate performance in Stuttgart, where Borussia lost a 2-0 lead against a decimated Swabia, had a positive effect. The unusually courageous commitment of sports director Sebastian Kehl and coach Terzic during the week to wanting to become champions may also have contributed to the different body language of the pros. Humility became courage, restraint became determination.

The pressure of having to deliver a few hours after Bayern's 3-1 draw in Mainz was easily mastered. "Otherwise you would have found yourself in a strange justification situation again. That's why the team is very relieved. Now the stories about this team are written differently," commented Kehl.

With victories in the final five games against Bochum (A), Wolfsburg (H), Mönchengladbach (H), Augsburg (A) and Mainz (H), BVB could certainly dethrone the Bundesliga dictatorship FC Bayern after his ten-year reign. A lot will depend on how the former hunter from Dortmund copes with the role of the hunted. "The rest of the program can still allow stumbling blocks," warned Kehl.

Form rises in time

The rising form of the wing freakers Malen and Karim Adeyemi could contribute to the dreamed happy ending. Just in time for the big showdown in the long-distance duel with Munich, the two fast attackers play big. Above all, the Dutchman Malen, who was committed in the summer of 2021, is finally calling on the great talent he is said to have. With six goals in the past five games, he even ousted BVB captain Marco Reus from the starting XI. Coach Terzic attested the 24-year-old an "outstanding game - probably his best in a BVB jersey".

Kehl was also full of praise: "It was clear that he has incredible abilities. He has worked for a long time and now brings the sense of achievement to himself. He is an enriching element, that was the idea behind his signing."

Malen's congenial strike partner Adeyemi was similarly pleased. With courageous sprints, he tore gaps in the Eintracht defense again and again and thus slipped into the role of a main actor even without a goal. "Today everyone was there for everyone," said the international. In his opinion, Bayern's through ball in Mainz helped BVB get back on track: "It's that fast in football. Marco Reus told me on the bus that the stadium would freak out today. For me it is every time it gave me goosebumps. It was really awesome today. It's the best stadium in the world."

Adeyemi confident

The 21-year-old's increased self-confidence was not only evident on the pitch. "Our first goal was to become German champions. We're on the right track there," Adeyemi said after the game.

Despite all the joy about the now magnificent starting position in the title fight, Kehl considered the bold question of a Sky report about the amount of the championship bonus to be decidedly premature. The unfortunate experiences of the past few months with various setbacks caused the sporting director to exercise restraint. "Then we would be generous," he replied diplomatically.