Basketball EM: Germany against Spain: Everything you need to know about the classic

The finals of the European Basketball Championship in Berlin are coming up - and Germany is a complete surprise.

Basketball EM: Germany against Spain: Everything you need to know about the classic

The finals of the European Basketball Championship in Berlin are coming up - and Germany is a complete surprise. On Friday (8.30 p.m. / RTL and Magentasport) the team around Captain Dennis Schröder will face three-time European champions Spain.

The German Press Agency answers the most important questions before the semifinals.

How is the German team preparing for the game?

National coach Gordon Herbert will not change the tried and tested processes. "We're doing the same preparation and routine as last time. There's no reason to change anything," said the Canadian. A training session in the Mercedes-Benz Arena is on the agenda for Thursday afternoon, and the coaching staff is also preparing the team for Spain using videos. On Wednesday, Schröder and Co. enjoyed a largely free day on which the players were free to organize their daily routine. Schröder, for example, watched the quarter-finals indoors.

Are all players fit?

The exhausting European Championship with seven games already left its mark. But nobody in the German team wants to miss the next highlight on the way to the longed-for medal. The recently injured Franz Wagner, Nick Weiler-Babb and Johannes Voigtmann are available, so Germany can probably start with the best players.

Which players are particularly important?

Schröder showed his best performance of the tournament so far against Greece. Germany will also need a captain in top form against Spain. Daniel Theis was also a very important factor against the Greeks. The center from the Indiana Pacers, whose use was questionable until shortly before the European Championship, had 13 points and 16 rebounds. "We knew it was a process for him. But we were willing to take that risk. Yesterday we saw the Daniel Theis we know," Herbert praised the NBA professional. If Wagner and Andreas Obst then score as reliably as they did against Greece, anything is possible for Germany.

How good is Spain?

The Spaniards aren't as good as they were in the days of the Gasol brothers Pau and Marc, when the Iberians dominated European basketball. Nevertheless, they have a strong and experienced squad, with brothers Willy and Juancho Hernangomez standing out. "They almost all play in the second best league in the world, the Spanish ACB. They are talented and young," said Herbert.

Where can I watch the game on TV?

The good odds against Greece make it possible: the game against Spain will also be shown live on free TV on RTL. At times, more than two million people watched the victory against Greece. Commentator will again be Frank Buschmann, Laura Papendick will take over the moderation again. In addition, as usual, the encounter can also be viewed free of charge on the Magentasport streaming service, which broadcasts all the matches of the European Championship.

Are there still tickets?

There are still a few tickets left. There were still a few hundred tickets left in categories 1 (151.50 euros) and 2 (131.50 euros) on Wednesday evening. It can be assumed that the game on Friday, like the duel with Greece, will be sold out.

What would a final entry mean for German basketball?

With a win against Spain, Germany would complete their first medal in 17 years. In 2005, Germany won silver with Nowitzki in Serbia. In the final on Sunday, the first European title since 1993 would even be possible. That would give basketball in Germany a huge boost and anchor the sport more in the public interest. So far, basketball has mostly taken place in a niche.

What is the record against Spain?

There was rarely anything to get for Germany against Spain. 27 of 32 duels were lost. Most recently, Germany had to admit defeat in the quarter-finals of the European Championship in 2017 with 72:84. The last win was in 2005 at the European Championships in Serbia on the way to silver. Thanks to 27 points and Nowitzki's winning throw a few seconds before the end, Germany won the semi-finals with 74:73.

Who would Germany meet in the final?

In the final on Sunday (8.30 p.m.) either France or Poland would be waiting, who will face each other in the other semi-final on Friday (5.15 p.m. / Magentasport). There was an impressive victory against the French at the start of the European Championship in Cologne. The duel in the World Cup qualifier in July in Bremen was won against Poland.

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