American Football: What you need to know about the NFL double pack in Frankfurt

The best football league in the world is coming to Germany for two more games.

American Football: What you need to know about the NFL double pack in Frankfurt

The best football league in the world is coming to Germany for two more games. What there is to know about the two NFL games in Frankfurt am Main:

Who plays?

The Super Bowl champion is coming to Germany this Sunday (3:30 p.m.). The Kansas City Chiefs around quarterback Patrick Mahomes meet the Miami Dolphins in the 2006 World Cup stadium. Since both teams have outstanding attacking lines, a real offensive spectacle is expected. A week later (November 12th, 3:30 p.m.) the six-time champion New England Patriots face the Indianapolis Colts.

Have there already been NFL games in Germany?

Almost a year ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers around superstar quarterback Tom Brady met the Seattle Seahawks in Munich's Allianz Arena. The Buccaneers won 21:16 in front of a full crowd. Brady later said: "That was one of the greatest football experiences I've ever had. When 'Sweet Caroline' and 'Country Roads' were played at the end - that was really epic."

Where does the football hype come from in Germany?

American football and especially the NFL have been enjoying increasing popularity for years. "Germany is a very sports-loving country and has an extensive football history. In addition, the interest of those interested in sports is becoming more and more international. Of course, we also notice this in the popularity of the fan community," said Alexander Steinforth, head of NFL Germany the German Press Agency. RTL has been broadcasting since this season as the successor to ProSiebenSat.1. There will also be NFL games in Germany in 2024 and 2025.

How did it go with the tickets?

Sobering for most fans. The NFL could have sold several million tickets for each game, but there is only space for 48,000 people in the arena per game. All tickets were sold out within a few minutes, and many supporters couldn't get through at all because of the huge rush. Steinforth spoke of “crazy demand”. A ticket normally costs between 75 and 225 euros, depending on the category. The NFL warns against purchasing overpriced tickets on the black market. Fans without tickets should also not travel to the stadium on match day.

Where can you watch the Frankfurt Games?

RTL and DAZN each have the rights and broadcast the so-called Frankfurt Games. The games are in direct competition with Bundesliga games, which can also be seen on DAZN on Sunday. In order to be able to play in a football stadium on two Sundays during the season, the NFL had to ask both the German Football League (DFL) and the European Football Union UEFA to adapt Eintracht Frankfurt's corresponding game schedule.

Who are the big stars?

Mahomes is by far the biggest sporting star to play in Frankfurt. The 28-year-old quarterback led the Chiefs to two Super Bowl victories and was voted Most Valuable Player (MVP) each time. Mahomes also became MVP of the NFL season twice and is currently considered the most dazzling figure in the best football league in the world. In the duel between Chiefs and Dolphins, attention will also be on Travis Kelce and Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Since Brady's departure, six-time champion coach Bill Belichick has been the face of the Patriots.

Is Taylor Swift coming?

This question seems to overshadow some sports topics ahead of NFL games. The pop giant was photographed holding hands with Chiefs star Kelce about two weeks ago. "Everyone is warmly welcome in Frankfurt. I think they notice the harbingers. It is really a special highlight. I would be happy. I have also been following the topic - the big secret has been revealed," said Mayor Mike Josef (SPD ). The Chiefs have not yet revealed whether Swift is traveling to Frankfurt.