Will I get the money for my flight?

Who is affected by the US entry stop? The US President Donald Trump announced a 30-day ban on entry into the United States applies to the Schengen area. It

Will I get the money for my flight?

Who is affected by the US entry stop?
The US President Donald Trump announced a 30-day ban on entry into the United States applies to the Schengen area. It occurs on Friday starting at midnight (US time) in force. Thus, 26 European countries are affected, including Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy. The reigning Secretary of Homeland security, Chad Wolf announced in a Statement. The entry stop is for foreign travelers who were in the last 14 days in the Schengen area. An EU Diplomat said that there had been no notices and also no Coordination with the European Union.

What does the consumer protection travellers, whose tickets are invalid, or the hotel bookings or travel arrangements have to cancel?
Who can't through no fault of participating in a trip or an Event, the consumer protection advises to contact the organiser to request a refund or partial refund. When traveling, you should make prior still competent, whether an insurance company assumes the performance or whether it is a package tour. Important: The customer must first be self-employed. "We have published the letter on our website pattern, which is filled in and sent by Post or by E-Mail can be sent," says managing Director Sara Stalder. A single Event or a sport event organizers request that the customer fill out their forms to confirm that they are healthy or not recently in a high-risk region were. "If these forms can not be filled, there is, in our view, however, entitled to a refund, as the consumer didn't have a claim because of the Coronavirus, and is not due to an intrinsic fault a performance," says Sara Stalder. Customers with claims problems, can report their cases to the consumer protection, which will intervene in case of need for refractory suppliers.

I Get my money back if I booked a flight to the USA or a Hotel?
The first people to get your money back, the of travel insurance. Jürg Thalmann, spokesman for the furniture-insurance, says: "We will pay for costs of Cancellation, if a customer wanted to travel to a region, a city or a locality, which were provided by the authorities, under quarantine, or due to entry and exit are prohibited are not available." The insurance company Zurich shall, in turn, the insurance protection applies as long as the States have the stop. The planned date of entry was within the period of the stop, to come to Zurich for the cancellation. "Except for pure air travel from close to the border, airports, and transfer of flights across airports in the respective countries," said a Zurich spokesman. There is insurance, the check, whether the trip was paid for with a credit card, because in this case, a compensation for trip cancellation may claim from the credit card provider. "Remain uncovered costs, a jump of our travel insurance," says furniture-speaker Thalmann.

What need to customers who have travel insurance do First?
you need to keep in the first place, to the service provider, i.e., airline or tour operator and check what the companies offer to the customers in the respective Situation. It is possible to find solutions where consumers have no or no direct financial harm as a result. The Zurich insurance recommends that customers with vacation plans, "to keep up to date on the Situation at the destination."

Is set up by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) a point of contact or an Info-Hotline, to the clueless U.S. travelers can apply?
An EDA spokesman answered in the negative and refers to the fact that the US had imposed the entry ban. In this case, it is, therefore, not in Switzerland, but in the third state, to inform about his decision and future Decisions, especially as things developed extremely quickly. For a point of contact, or the Info Hotline at the U.S. Embassy in Bern is from the point of view of the EDA so. On the website of the U.S. mission in Bern, no information about the in Washington made the decision until this Morning, available.

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