While thousands were at the Front of their lives, complained to Hitler about digestive problems

The Patient has digestive complaints had, once again. "13 o'clock twice a chair, in the meantime, and with a brittle substance," wrote his physician. The Pat

While thousands were at the Front of their lives, complained to Hitler about digestive problems

The Patient has digestive complaints had, once again. "13 o'clock twice a chair, in the meantime, and with a brittle substance," wrote his physician. The Patient had a good appearance, active but matt, the blood-pressure was 140, pulse 96. The yellowish color of the skin, caused by a just-healed areas of jaundice, had dissipated in the meantime.

To eat, there was gruel soup with water, stewed fruit, Apples, a tablet Acidol-Pepsin. As is so often the Patient was quite stubborn, a Massage with rubbing alcohol, he refused a saw, but after all, the positive effect of chamomile enemas. He wanted to use the syringe in the future with a Kliestier self-administer. Bed rest was arranged in spite of the progress in the recovery process.

The doctor, of the notes about his patients on 1. October 1944, who was Theodor Morell. The Patient was generally referred to as "Patient A", his actual Name, but Adolf Hitler was. The "leader" of Germany held in autumn of this year in the führer headquarters, the wolfsschanze in East Prussia, and watched miss brave, what happened to the fronts of the Second world war: the fall of the third Reich.

Nazi Germany was at the end, the Red army was on the verge of the border of East Prussia, the Americans were on the verge of with Aachen, the first German city to take. Hitler had flatulence and hid his dentist Hugo Blaschke out of fear of a painful procedure that he had a toothache.

Every 20 seconds, a German soldier died on the fronts

the narrative of the historian Harald Sandner over the last year in the life of Adolf Hitler, which was also the last of the supposedly thousand-year German Empire, which had in the end only twelve years. This could seem to be twelve years, especially the years of the war, very long, makes Sandner sufficiently clear. In particular, the last few months, this is true. Since August 1944, 5,000 German soldiers died daily.

That was more than 200 per hour, or every 20 seconds, one calculates Sandner. In innumerable Places of the book "Hitler. Over the last year. Chronology of an Apocalypse“ won't come out of the reader from the shake of the head at all. To grotesque the juxtaposition of Hitler's daily life with the world-historical events in Germany and Europe. "Hitler – The last year: a chronology of an Apocalypse" by Harald Sandner, here at Amazon

order The allied forces and the Red army had long since given the full air superiority, the centres of many German cities lay in rubble and ash, or they suffered this fate now. However, those interested in Hitler, not at all. I also located it, so Sandner, because the air war was for Hitler is pretty abstract.

His information he had received from the General staff maps – the war in the air but you could represent in this way, hardly. And drove towards the destruction of Hitler, because he didn't want to see plain. The resupply from the United States military Material seemed infinite, the Wehrmacht had to oppose to the nothing except a dogged fight.

Hitler used his health problems as a pretext

In the wolf's lair, much to the leader's health turned, meanwhile. In the case of his physician, he complained that he notice in the case of intra-motif venous once small pustule Chen. In addition, he feared that by such punctures bacteria in his body could reach.

While every day, thousands of men on the fronts, and countless civilians in the bombings of the British and Americans lost their lives, was disturbed by the man who had all the responsibility to a small red Pustule in his Arm. Sometimes Hitler came located his aches and pains but also.

As of the 9. November approached, the anniversary of his failed putsch of 1923, he found a reason to not show in Public. Long this day had been committed each year, as the highest feast day of the national socialism with great Pomp and Hitler had wielded great Talk.

but Now, in the face of total defeat, he had to say to his people nothing more. So he remained rather mute, and a pretextual Problem with the vocal cords gave him a suitable pretext. In November, Hitler moved. Under a gigantic effort, he had, while cities such as Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne were heavily destroyed, a new Bunker in the wolf's lair build, because he was determined to stay until the end there, he said.

the Suffering of the soldiers and civilians are not interested in Hitler

The new Bunker had a size of 36 times 36 times eleven meters – a "sarcophagus with walls of seven-foot thick steel-reinforced concrete," says Sandner But Hitler worked for only 13 days, because, despite all contrary announcements, he moved finally to Berlin, in the Fuhrer-bunker under the Reich Chancellery.

Here he lived the last months in the company of his most faithful followers, until at last the soldiers of the Red army fought almost on his head. Then he killed himself. Over hundreds of pages the author tells such a story from the everyday life of Hitler and compares them to the Chaos and the Inferno that took place at the same time in many countries in Europe. Hitler himself took of this suffering and misery is nothing true.

Time Fanta, he focused from the will of the German people and the German Wehrmacht, he admitted himself that the war was lost. But what all of this meant for the people that interested him not at all. He welcomed even that, many German cities were destroyed by the allied bombers – so you could build it new and modern again.

After his suicide, the German Empire

surrendered spoke of The "banality of Evil", from the once Hannah Arendt, gets a new meaning. Sandner holds out his Narrative until the end, in the end, the narrative is always more detailed. Until the "leaders" finally, together with his wife Eva Braun down in the bunker committed suicide. A few days later, the German Reich surrendered.

anyone Who thinks that the last months of Hitler had been told in this detail, but certainly in the countless Hitler-biographer is mistaken. In fact, this last, most dramatic time of the picture, even in the obese patients, the standard works are always only a small proportion of the total volume, the author stresses.

so Who when reading the title "Hitler. The last year,“ inwardly groaning that it was now long enough with all the Hitler books to teach a Better.

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