What the political Left at a monument of rage: Also, Marx was an evil racist

The racism debate is escalating the culture war. In America Columbus grave-monuments or torn down, in England colonialists destroyed the statues or in the port

What the political Left at a monument of rage: Also, Marx was an evil racist

The racism debate is escalating the culture war. In America Columbus grave-monuments or torn down, in England colonialists destroyed the statues or in the port basin has been thrown, in Antwerp, it hits the monument to Leopold II, in Washington, the speaker of the US house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, eleven capital-monuments of the Southerners for the symbols of the “cruelty and barbarism declared”. In London, the statues of Winston Churchill, are now protected by the police, and even George Washington is now – so it is to challenge racism moving politicians – from the dollar bill disappear. The first President of the United States and the namesake of the capital, finally, was a slave holder.

Also in Germany, the political Left discovered the issue and will now take place in Bismarck, a monument to the victims. Bismarck was the founder of the German colonialism. In Cologne and Hamburg, is already a debate as to whether the Bismarck towers would not need to be blown up. In Berlin, the Association “Berlin post-colonial advertises” for a large monument cleaning. The great Bismarck national monument in addition to the Federal President Schloss Bellevue in the face of iconoclasts.

What misses to the left iconoclasts-movement: be your own biggest pillar Saint was an evil racist. Karl Marx hated Jews as Black in a shockingly explicit way. He is classified in the category of “racist” is far ahead of Bismarck.

Judaism as “anti-social Element”

From letters and articles written by Karl Marx, is a staggering minority, Enver eight end of the world. His political friend, Arnold Ruge, Marx wrote, as “disgusting” to him “of the Israelite Faith” was.

His Text “on The Jewish question” (1843) lays the intellectual foundations for blatant anti-Semitic hatred: “What is the worldly reason of Jewry? The practical need, self-interest. Which of the worldly cult of the Jews? The Schacher. What is his secular God? The Money.” The passages of Marx on Jews, read sometimes like the original texts of the Nazis. Judaism was “a General current of anti-social Element”. In the Jewish Religion, contempt for theory, art, history, of the people “as an end in itself”.

Self - “the woman is sold off”. In his Central work “The capital” Marx wrote in 1872, that all Were “in the truth money, inwardly circumcised Jews, and also miraculous means, to make money more money”.

His letters to Marx, to expose as a bare racists. Thus Ferdinand Lassalle, the founder of the General German workers ' Association and a political rival of Marx, because of his Jewish origin, just as “Jüdel brown”, “Ephraim Clever” and “Itzig” denigrated.

After Lasalle had visited him in London in 1862, denounced Marx and Lasalle to him as a “Jewish Nigger” and wrote: “It is now completely clear that he, proves grew as well as his Head and his hair, of Negroes descended to join the train of Moses from Egypt. Now, this connection between Judaism and Germanic culture with the Negro basic substance must bring a weird product. The importunity of the fellow is also nigger in jail.”

Even his own son-in-law Paul Lafargue, whose mother was a Cuban Creole, humbled, he in a letter to his daughter Jenny as “Negrillo” and “descendant of a gorilla”. As Marx excited once again about his non-white son-in-law, he wrote to Engels: “Lafargue has a bad scar from the Negro tribe-no sense of shame.”

52 slots and more than 500 roads are, according to Marx,

named ran As Lafargue in 1887 in the heart of Paris ‘Jardin des Plantes’ to the municipal Council, made Karl Marx's associate Friedrich Engels in a letter the following deep racist remark: “My congratulations to Paul, le candidat du Jardin des Plantes et des animaux. Since he is closer in his capacity as Niggers to the rest of the animal Kingdom to a degree than the rest of us, so he is without a doubt the right representative for this district.”

In view of the equally brutal as oppressing the source location, the question arises as to whether Germany really 52 public places, more than 500 streets, and even schools continues to be according to Karl Marx should be chosen. In Trier, a huge monument made of Bronze, has been recently of the people's Republic of China paid even. Is the Colossal Statue of one of the most influential anti-Semites and racists, not sponsored by the largest dictatorship in the world embarrassing for a liberal democracy, which rejects any racism?

The civil rights activist in the former GDR also point out that Karl Marx was also been a spiritual arsonist for ideological totalitarianism, which have led to many million dead as victims of communism.

Hubertus Knabe, former Director of the hohenschönhausen memorial, therefore, maintains the monument in Trier for a scandal: “For many victims of communism, it is hard to bear, and now in a West German city such a monument will be built.” The International society for human rights protested idols against the establishment of a “Marx”. The “New Germany” leitartikelte on the other hand: “Thank you, China” and “Karlelujah”. The main organ of the Left criticises prefer the cross on the dome of Berlin's Humboldt forum as a “Christian think of gesture”.

This article was written by Wolfram Weimer

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