What is the Gender from a rhetorical point of view is useful and what is not.

Yes, people make sense. Because if I speak to an audience, then I would like to mention, of course, as many of the people present, not just those who happen to

What is the Gender from a rhetorical point of view is useful and what is not.

Yes, people make sense. Because if I speak to an audience, then I would like to mention, of course, as many of the people present, not just those who happen to have an XY chromosome set, are male. Half of the world's population is female. And this half is not only in our language, far too often invisible.

As a speaker, we mean this half-friendly way. But I'm not convinced that it feels really good to be included. That alone, for me, is reason enough to strive to use gender-fair or gender-neutral language. Because I want my listeners or my readers feel readers comfortable. So.

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Michael Ehlers rhetoric trainer and coach for over two decades, public figures, entrepreneurs, Top-managers, professional sports coaches and many more. The multiple best-selling author (including rhetoric - The art of speech in the digital age) is a sought after expert and has duels, for example for the WDR, the great Chancellor, and more is analyzed. Ehlers is the President of the Club 55 (European Community of Experts in Marketing & Sales, Geneva) and the managing partner of the Institut Michael Ehlers GmbH in Bamberg. Ehlers, the Director of the Center for Rhetoric at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen, and lecturer at the St. Galler Management program (SMP). He regularly appears at events as a Keynote Speaker.

Are you stumbled just a bit, or you have noticed nothing? Even if you have noticed it, it didn't throw you from the train and the sky has not collapsed. It's So easy is in fact to seek, at least, to use gender-neutral language. And Try to start it.

I must admit that I, myself, am still new in the business and in my books, the readers have also too often meant. But I vow to improve, as I have done in my seminars, the experience, the Participants are very proud of, if you are able to communicate fluently gender justice. To The Right. Because those people for whom it is important not to be included on it just yet.

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language structures and inequalities in power from

If you give a speech you can intensify gender-sensitive language and their effect along the way. It is also clear, because they appeal to a much larger audience directly to my instead of just. This is your big Advantage as a speaker. But the Benefits to society, of course, goes beyond. Because language structures from power, as well as inequalities. And with gender-neutral language, they help to make these structures visible, and to shake a little bit up to you.

Yes, but what is with Inland-I, asterisk and underscore, I hear you say? And it's actually a bit more complicated. The tools in the font quite a lot of sexes not speaking to map, so, for example,-binary people, which is neither very feminine nor very masculine feel. And people feel there is.

to address this requirement, for example, the entirety of the people who conduct the job Department, you would write, for example, head of Department*of the interior. The asterisk stands for the mitgemeinte gender diversity. Or you can use Abteilungsleiter_innen.

The world changes and the language with

you Wrote instead of head of the Department of the interior, you would – as in the couple form, in turn, "only" women and men appeal. The laudable attempt by all of the sexes is not to integrate but in some cases, only at the expense of correct grammar. For example, you would need to, if you have to because, your applications, please submit to the relevant heads of Department*of the interior.

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to read Properly accessible and liquid the is not. Instead of persons who feel neither male nor female, you would exclude in this case, people whose reading ability is rather low, or in need of simple language. This applies, in my view, for Trying to find a whole new gender - neutral Writing and manner of speaking. For example, if extension a X Professx is used: "". Or Neopronomen how xier, one, er_sie or sier. You will find this silly or unnecessary? Well, may be. But we use language to describe our world. And is constantly changing. And our language at the same time.

it's not forms But, in addition, our language is just an altered reality. Language shapes our Thinking, how we interpret things, and what we think is possible. Just think of the word "Chancellor" and what is the impact alone can have the word on their daughter. The very existence of the female Form contains the promise that women can have political Power and that their opinions count.

The Duden editorial staff has 2017 5000! new words added. A few years ago, words such as "googling" or "face booken were" new and strange. As well as the related activities. Our great-grandparents would have been able to start with a surgeon nothing. Because "a female surgeon" was not provided.

If I sound a audience today with a "love Present", or "love Listening", welcome may also be unfamiliar, such as a surgeon in the ears of our ancestors. But anyway, must feel in these salutations are all welcomed. And that's just the goal I pursue as a speaker: All of the take.

Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 14:27

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