Were concentration camp prisoners from bear mangle: The perverse animal love of the Nazis

If you had time, went to Ilse Koch with her children in the small animal Park. Especially the bear enclosure it had done to her and then stood at the fence and

Were concentration camp prisoners from bear mangle: The perverse animal love of the Nazis

If you had time, went to Ilse Koch with her children in the small animal Park. Especially the bear enclosure it had done to her and then stood at the fence and watched the animals, or were they sometimes even feed and pet.

directly behind the animal Park was a fence, behind the living creatures were held captive, wants to Ilse Koch, as you later claimed, never perceived. Exciting, but just no time?

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But it is an absurd perception was a gap that you spoke to allied interrogation officers after the end of the third Reich, a blatant lie. Because Ilse was the wife of Karl Koch, the head of the Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar.

Behind the fence lived people – KZ-prisoners, who were incarcerated under significantly worse conditions than the animals in the small Zoo.

Karl Koch, a stalwart Nazi and SS man who loves animals. He loved you so much that he made prisoners of its concentration camp, the little animal Park. Especially, the bears were his favorites, and if he wanted to do something Good, he just let a couple of prisoners from his camp to the kennel block and watched as they were mauled by the animals.

animals were for him, as for a convinced national-socialists, in ranking the "sub-humans" and declared to the Jews or Poland.

the bear got the meat, this was actually for prisoners of concentration camps

cooking was just the tip of the iceberg, a particularly brutal example. However, the rank order of human – animal "under man" was in the camp at Buchenwald as well as everywhere where Nazis were in charge, and the sovereign violence. So the bears were not held in Buchenwald, only better, but also got better food.

Leopold Reitter, a Survivor of Buchenwald, reported after his release: "in the year 1944, when in the camp, great famine prevailed, got the birds of prey, bears, and monkeys daily meat, which was of course withdrawn from the inmate kitchen."

The bear-Episode is an example of the relationship of the Nazis to animals and for the role played by these in the third Reich. Jan Mohnhaupt brings in his book "animals in national socialism," a whole series of such examples. Often it is about the everyday life of ordinary people and the Attempts of the Nazi regime, to this act. Book tip (display)

"animals in the national socialism" by Jan Mohnhaupt, Carl Hanser Verlag, 288 pages, 22 Euro

about The book

But Mohnhaupt picks out the stories of the Elite. So he tells, for example, the anecdote of the Foxl, a Fox Terrier, which took place in the First world war, but the consequences it should have.

Foxl was a young soldier and accompanied him on two and a half years on the Western front in France. Then he was kidnapped, probably and the soldier was inconsolable. His Name: Adolf Hitler.

That Hitler was later as the "leader" of a dog fanatic, is well-known, as well as his beloved German Shepard, Blondie, which he had in the last days in the führer's bunker in April 1945 the murder. As he himself, so Blondie should fall on no case his arch-enemy Stalin in the hands.

that's Why you had to die, as well as their puppies. This overtook the same fate as the six children of Joseph and Magda Goebbels, the left their parents ' poison. Each week provides you FOCUS Online with the most important news from the knowledge Department. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

the cat Was a "Jewish" or "German" animal?

Mohnhaupts book pushes the reader in an almost grotesque incidents, which belonged in the realm of the Nazis, however, to the philosophical life. The official ideology was considered the cat as a "Jewish" animal, descended as they are originally from desert regions and even in households as rather unruly. An animal that responded only rarely to commands, therefore, are not integrated into society – as according to Nazi Propaganda the Jews.

The attempt of cat lovers, just to make it a typical German strength, failed. The official Nazi ideology was, however, in General, a Problem with Pets, because they were seen as an expression of "urbanisation". The language but the blood-and-soil-ideology that propagated a return to the simple rural life on the ice floe.

The Nazi Elite thought himself, as so often, not on such requirements, such as Hitler's fondness for dogs shows. Hermann Goering, until the war, in fact, the second man in the Nazi state, and by the way, also "Reich master of the hunt", were not dogs enough, which could hold everyone. He preferred a lion, which he held in the home Carinhall, his country seat, and which he gave to visitors in fear.

Hermann göring's "grease upgrade to stage"

A large role for the pre-planned war, the mast was playing pig and so rich food Minister Walter Darré tried, almost a "fat race", like Mohnhaupt writes. In a time in which many Germans held their own pig at home, wanted to Goering as Commissioner for the four year plan should, with the German war capabilities, more and bigger pigs.

that's Why he had a campaign of "food relief", a subsidiary of the "national socialist people's welfare", to organize. Every German housewife now had to collect their kitchen waste and the Agency make. Motto: "If you have kitchen waste, give it to the pig fattening". To destroy them was forbidden.

The campaign, however, was not very successful, because with kitchen waste, you can't fatten pigs simply and also do not breed. No wonder, then, that the campaign was a Flop.

That all the animals were placed in the service of national socialism, not only the fate of millions of horses and donkeys that had to pull for leader, people and Fatherland in the war and misery bled to death or starved to death. Other animals were used for the perfidious Propaganda of the Nazis. For example, the Colorado potato beetle. Immigrated in the 19th century. Century from North America, this pest is actually for the local agriculture a threat.

Jews were portrayed in children's books as a parasite

But he was also to make children realize that there is among the people allegedly "pests" such as the Colorado potato beetle. So Ernst Hiemer, editor-in-chief of the anti-Semitic Hetzblattes "The striker", and in 1938 wrote the little book "The poisonous mushroom" and a little later "The poodle-pug-Dachshund Pinscher".

these specifically for student-written and widely-used books of the Jews were not only represented as a lousy, greedy, pedophile, and anti-German, but also with blood-sucking bugs, and parasites compared.

This invective was not only the Jews but also the poles. The Jewish philologist Victor Klemperer, known for his during the time of the third Reich written and later published diaries, wrote a sentence that was, and still is true: "words are like tiny arsenic doses: they are unnoticed swallowed, they seem to do no effect, and after some time, the poison effect is still there."

Klemperer survived the Holocaust, because he's married to an "Aryan" woman, and thus before the murder was protected. For the beloved cat clam that was not the case, however. Shell, the was for the in straitened circumstances and under a lot of humiliation living as a married couple almost like a child, had to be euthanized because it is Jews, was no longer allowed to have Pets.

forest will die in the third Reich

by the Way: In Nazi Germany the ideology of the "German forest" and the forest supposed to be so closely related to German, was propagated. This supposed great love didn't change the fact that it was in 1945, at the end of the war, 14 percent less forest than before the war. The trees have been cut down were brutal, because they were needed for the war effort, the war was more important than love. After Edeka and net: Lidl designers now selling masks of Van Laack PCP To Edeka and Netto Lidl now sells Designer masks by Van Laack topics related to Adolf Hitler

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