Violence situations: first, the prevention

The first step is to not be a victim, is not to behave from the outset as a victim. A factor that is often underestimated: most of The perpetrators are not look

Violence situations: first, the prevention

The first step is to not be a victim, is not to behave from the outset as a victim. A factor that is often underestimated: most of The perpetrators are not looking for enemies, but victims. Because many of the aggressors want to impress with your behavior to others or self-enhance. But all share in the rule, however, the need not to be hurt or not be with someone that will fight back resolutely. In other words: Such a sacrifice promise to little profiling options and actually there are some Tricks, offenders to spoil the fun even further.

self-assurance can fake a

Physical, verbal, and gestural self-confidence is a very old means of communication, one can usually assume that it is every person (no matter how old he is, what culture he belongs to, or how drunk he is) will understand. And it seems from the above reasons, as a deterrent to most aggressors. The Problem: Some people don't feel sure of yourself, even though you would like it to be. The good news: For the Message "caution! I'm not a victim!“, it is completely irrelevant whether you actually feel confident or not – it is enough completely, it is credible to pretend. If the external signals, voices, can not distinguish the generally played even the security of a real. In addition, anyone Who pretends to be a feeling, will be able to accept this Emotion easier.

tip: The easiest way of self-assurance to pretend, is to copy self-confidence. You simply observe a person, you think that he acts very self – aware and take over the for you eye-catching characteristics. Likewise, it may help to check in front of the mirror her own behavior on self safety features. You will be surprised how sensitive your own antennas, when it comes to identifying self-confidence.

fear not

Fears are put into perspective in our generally very safe life world. The reasons are very different. The consequences can be dramatic. Phrases such as: "will this happen to Me already nothing!" "Oh, earlier there has been already – and I never what happens!" are from a professional point of view, a serious security problem.

A further threat to our attention of experts "switched off call" – a phenomenon that arises, paradoxically, out of a sense of security. As we feel in the world we live in is generally safe, we do not expect an attack. In fact, it is close with a view on our behavior, even running around distracted (e.g., eyes on the phone screen, headphones on the ears). You could also say: We neglect one of our oldest obligations: self-protection. The result is that We are an easy target, and also as such recognizable! What should I pay attention? "First and foremost, to other people surrounding them," says the Deeskalations expert Stefan Reinisch.

tip: Turn to or look using mirror surfaces back. Keep entrances at night, the distance of the dark house, or parked cars. In this way one learns his surroundings consciously perceive. In fact, experts warn, to feel for no reason is perfectly safe. Dangers lurk everywhere – but they can arise anywhere.

In practice: most of The confrontations begin verbally and can also finish. Here, one distinguishes between three forms of Aggression:

  • from a state of mind. The offender is simply angry.
  • to test the victim on his defense reaction (for example, before a RAID)
  • the alleged victim to intimidate or distract. The offender followed here first of all and often on a subconscious avoidance strategy – and you should use aware.
  • attention!

    A confrontation out of the way to go is the definitely the simplest avoidance strategy. In practice, this means, of course, to go to people out of the way, acting on them aggressively. This is not always easy. Sometimes it is in a poorly lit street not so easy a distance of 50 meters to assess whether a Person is a threat or not.

    Therefore: consider to Prefer a Person wrongly as a threat and get out of the way than once to little. You rely on your instinct. Because the fact is: If you talk to Victims of violence, you can hear a set of striking often: "I had immediately a bad feeling about this." To listen to the inner alarm bells, it is against the Background of the conflict avoidance is highly advised. The subconscious mind is often more true than we know. This does not mean that you should in everyday life by fear or prejudice. However, the sub-conscious warnings you should never ignore.The prevention fails, the next strategy against violence-de-escalation of the cleansing then follows the self-protection. .

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